Memorial Day 2021: Biden ignores ‘Rolling to Remember’ rally, hits voter integrity laws

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 31, 2021

The men and women who gave their lives for the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans were honored on a day marked by a “Rolling to Remember” motorcycle rally in the nation’s capital.

Joe Biden grimaced his way through an underwhelming Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday that ignored the annual rally, previously known as Rolling Thunder, which is now organized by AMVETS.

Joe Biden speaks at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. / YouTube

Organizers for the rally told Breitbart News they had not been contacted by the White House about recognizing or participating in the annual event.

Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump each met with organizers of the popular Memorial Day motorcycle rally, hosting them at the White House.

The Pentagon first granted, then rescinded, a permit for the event.

“The biggest disappointment in the Pentagon’s denial was that AMVETS was ignored for months as its professional staff in Washington requested numerous times an opportunity to hear the Defense Department’s concerns and present a [coronavirus] safety plan,” said Jan Brown, the national commander of AMVETS.

The Biden White House did not explain why it ignored the motorcycle rally.

Biden spent the holiday weekend at his home in Delaware, returning to D.C. only on Memorial Day to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and deliver remarks.

Biden used the speech to take a swipe at voter integrity laws being passed in red states, and at the truly independent media (in Team Biden’s world, the independent press refers to corporate and social media which are in lock step with the Democrat Party agenda).

“Folks, you all know it, democracy thrives when the infrastructure of democracy is strong,” he said. “When people have the right to vote freely, and fairly, and conveniently. When a free and independent press pursues the truth founded on facts, not propaganda.”

As he did throughout the 2020 campaign and since occupying the White House in January, Biden also hinted at the Left’s common refrain that a systemically racist American democracy has always been and still is flawed.

“To state the obvious, our democracy is imperfect,” Biden said. “It always has been.”

Just 560 viewers tuned in live to the White House YouTube channel to watch Biden’s speech. That amounts to about .000007 percent of the 81 million voters who supposedly voted for Biden in 2020. 19,725 had viewed the PBS YouTube video of the speech 6 hours after its delivery

Even as YouTube frantically removed down votes from the White House video, it still had more down votes than viewers.

As Citizen Free Press put it: “Biden desecrates Memorial Day Ceremony”.

To view Biden’s speech, click on the link here.

Or, read the statement of former President Donald J. Trump:

On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen heroes who took their last breaths in defense of our Nation, our families, our citizens, and our sacred freedoms. The depth of their devotion, the steel of their resolve, and the purity of their patriotism has no equal in human history. On distant battlefields, in far-off oceans, and high in the skies above, they faced down our enemies and gave their lives so that America would prevail. They made the supreme sacrifice so that our people can live in safety and our Nation can thrive in peace. It is because of their gallantry that we can together, as one people, continue our pursuit of America’s glorious destiny.

We owe all that we are, and everything we ever hope to be, to these unrivaled heroes. Their memory and their legacy is immortal. Our loyalty to them and to their families is eternal and everlasting.

America’s warriors are the single greatest force for justice, peace, liberty, and security among all the nations ever to exist on earth. God bless our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen, and Marines. We honor them today, forever, and always.

Then President Trump ended his 2017 Memorial Day remarks as follows:

Today we also hold a special vigil for heroes whose story we cannot tell because their names are known to God alone — the unknown soldiers. We do not know where they came from, who they left behind, or what they hoped to be. But we do know what they did. They fought and they died in a great and noble act of loyalty and love to their families and to our country.

The letter written that is now famous — one Civil War soldier captured it all and for all time. He wrote to his wife, “If I do not return, my dear Sarah, never forget how much I love you, nor that when my last breath escapes me on the battlefield, it will whisper your name.” That is the love we hear whispering throughout this sacred place and from every tombstone on these hallowed grounds. It is the love that binds this earth beneath us and it bleeds from the hearts of all of those who died so that we might live free.

We can never replace them. We can never repay them. But we can always remember. And today, that is what we are doing — we remember. Words cannot wipe away the tears or bring back those smiling faces. But if Americans just take the time to look into your eyes and tell you how much we thank you and how dearly we pray for you and how truly we love you, then hopefully you can find solace through your pain. And every time you see the sun rise over this blessed land please know your brave sons and daughters pushed away the night and delivered for us all that great and glorious dawn.

Thank you. God bless you. God bless our fallen heroes. God bless their families. God bless our military. And God bless the United States of America.

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