Memo to KC: A dozen children were hit by Super Bowl parade shooters; Who are they?

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2024

The Super Bowl parade shooting in Kansas City left mother of two Lisa Lopez-Galvan dead, and almost two dozen others injured with gunshot wounds, at least a dozen of which were young children.

Two men face murder and other felony charges in connection with the gunfire outside of Union Station last Wednesday. Dominic M. Miller, 18, of Kansas City, and 22-year-old Lyndell Mays of Raytown each face second-degree murder charges, two counts of armed criminal action and the unlawful use of a weapon, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

They are each being held on $1 million bail.

“The Super Bowl parade shooters shot a dozen children in the middle of Kansas City and the media doesn’t seem even a little bit curious into finding out who they are,” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted.

Posobiec added in a Telegram post: “The media says they won’t name the Super Bowl parade shooters because they are under 18. Don’t remember them having that problem with Kyle Rittenhouse. … The Super Bowl parade shooters are ‘juveniles’ and we can’t see their mugshots or get called racist – KC Mayor said this. But Kyle Rittenhouse, not yet 18, was named everywhere and the media even lied and said he shot 3 black people (he did not). Why is that?”

For Kansas City, 2023 was the most violent year in its history.

The Kansas City Police Department’s 2023 Homicide Report recorded 182 victims: 73 percent were black, 17 percent were white.

“But what was astonishing about 2023 was the race of the suspects in these homicides: 118 are black, 15 are Hispanic, and 19 are white,” reported. “Which means that 88 percent of known homicide suspects (152) in 55 percent white Kansas City, Missouri in 2020 were non-white. Or, for those keeping score at home, 78 percent of known homicide suspects in 30 percent black Kansas City in 2023 were black.”

What percent of uncleared homicides have a black suspect?

“This is data no local publication or news affiliate in Kansas City will report, so we felt compelled to break it down for you,” wrote.

Thomas Geraghty, CEO at Sangreal LLC, offered the following summation in a social media post:

Our Communist Inspired Race War

In too many news reports there is evidence of racist motives. The murders of White people in the commission of a crime in one thing, but often we see unprovoked attacks by black assailants, on white citizens and especially police officers.

These tragic deaths follow racist rhetoric and the indictment of our country as Racist in character.

The idea of a racial insurrection is not new. During the brutal times of slavery, punishments leveled at Black slaves followed any hint of a revolt. The problem now is, that long day left its ugly scar the echoes of which linger. Help us all to remember, every day, and to cultivate the flames of hate is an enemy of freedom who masquerades as a liberator. This is the Marxist left.

The world Marxist movement has used racial divides since it got going here in the 1920s. In the Depression Era of the 1930s the communist movement was in high gear. The time had finally come, they thought, when a rebellion would overthrow our economic system.

Tensions over race and poverty were fueled on all fronts. Anarchist bombings, racially charged murders of both whites and blacks, violent labor strikes and relaitations made it seem like everything was coming apart.

Today. the same troubles are exploited by the adherents of Marxism once again. They profess to have the answers to all our cares but their records around the globe tell another story.

The questions about race in America and the accusations, must be addressed. The racial animus is running rampant and Black civic leaders join the race-baiting parade to get elected. They know the truth, but it does not serve them. The lies are easier to manage since they are already well rooted in the minds of those they wish to use. It’s all very ugly.

It is much more effective to signal they are on-board with hating white people. Mayor Adams was recorded using the word “Cracker” when speaking to a group of black voters. This invoked laughter.

Many White people do not know what that word means. In effect it means “an enemy.” A “cracker” is not a reference to a white salty cracker, which I once imagined. it is a word form slave times where and overseer carried a whip. A crack of the whip was a sound that meant “get back work.” So when it is used today, it mean white people / and slave drivers.

How should white people feel about that? Is it not is a derogatory term which is dismissive of White Americans? Isn’t it the equivalent of the “N-word” ? If so, how would a white politician fare if they were caught using the “N-word.” in a meeting? Wouldn’t they be finished? They surely would. Why then must we have a double standard?

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