Melania Trump thanks well wishers — and WaPo’s Rubin attacks her

by WorldTribune Staff, October 4, 2020

First Lady Melania Trump on Friday extended her appreciation to all who wished her and President Donald Trump well after they tested positive for coronavirus.

First Lady Melania Trump and The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin

“Thank you for the love you are sending our way,” the first lady tweeted. “I have mild symptoms but overall feeling good. I am looking forward to a speedy recovery.”

How that tweet could trigger anyone in the leftist media belies explanation.

But it did.

In response to the first lady’s message, Washington Post “writer” Jennifer Rubin tweeted: “You may not give a f*** about children but decent people care about one another.”

Rubin identifies herself on Twitter as a “NeverTrump, pro-democracy opinion writer at @WashingtonPost.”

Leftists and their media allies have long criticized pretty much anything Melania Trump is involved in, including her activism which focuses on children.

In November 2019, leftists actually protested the first lady’s visit to Boston Medical Center, where she met with caregivers and administrators of a pioneering program that uses cuddling to help infants who are born dependent on drugs or alcohol. The leftists said they were protesting the Trump administration’s separating of illegal immigrant families, which was also practiced by the Obama administration (but, of course, never protested by leftists then).

After she unveiled the White House Christmas decorations in 2019, the leftist media slammed the first lady for her outfit.

“It has become an annual holiday tradition for the media to attack all that the first lady does,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said at the time.

Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted: “Even the @WhiteHouse Christmas decorations triggers deranged criticism. Does anyone in the world of major media have enough self awareness to realize the damage their hatred of @realdonaldtrump is inflicting on them & journalism?”

During her 2017 trip to Las Vegas to comfort the victims of the tragic mass shooting and their families, the Melania Trump was attacked by the leftist media who accused here of “seeking a photo-op.”

Also in 2017, the media outlets who hold themselves up as reputable ran with the bogus rumor that Melania Trump had hired a body double to stand in for her at public events.

In a December 2018 op-ed, Grisham wrote that journalists have “the opportunity and responsibility to report fairly, accurately and without bias,” on the fist lady, adding: “They are, in fact, writing the first draft of our nation’s history. In many ways, they are failing to measure up to this responsibility. This failure must be addressed.”

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