Megan Rapinoe would ‘absolutely’ welcome biological males on U.S. women’s soccer team

by WorldTribune Staff, July 11, 2023

U.S. women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe said Monday she would have no problem with biological males playing on the U.S. Women’s National Team, even if it meant replacing biological women.

“Absolutely,” Rapinoe, told Time magazine in a report published on Monday as the U.S. team was preparing for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament which is being hosted by Australia and New Zealand and begins on July 20.

Megan Rapinoe said the 2023 World Cup will be her last. / Video Image

” ‘You’re taking a ‘real’ woman’s place,’ that’s the part of the argument that’s still extremely transphobic,” Rapinoe said. “I see trans women as real women. What you’re saying automatically in the argument — you’re sort of telling on yourself already — is you don’t believe these people are women. Therefore, they’re taking the other spot. I don’t feel that way.”

In April, Rapinoe, along with 39 top athletes, co-signed a letter to House lawmakers opposing the Protection of Girls and Women in Sports Act.

“We as a country are trying to legislate away people’s full humanity,” she said. “It’s particularly frustrating when women’s sports is weaponized.”

Rapinoe added: “Oh, now we care about fairness? Now we care about women’s sports? That’s total bulls***, and show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It’s just not happening.”

“I don’t want to mince words about it,” Rapinoe said. “Dave Chappelle making jokes about trans people directly leads to violence, whether it’s verbal or otherwise, against trans people. When Martina [Navratilova] or [ESPN host Sage Steele] or whoever are talking about this, people aren’t hearing it just in the context of elite sports. They’re saying, ‘The rest of my life, this is how I’m going to treat trans people.’ ”

Rapinoe, 38, has stated that this will be her last appearance at the FIFA World Cup. She plans to retire at the end of the 2023 National Women’s Soccer League season, according to the report.

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, now an outspoken activist advocating for keeping biological males out of women’s sports, called out Rapinoe in a Fox News interview: “Not only is she just a high-profile athlete, she’s actually someone who fought for women in sports. She fought for equal pay. She fought for equal access, equal resources, all of those things in comparison to the women’s U.S. national soccer team, to the men’s.”

“And now she is undermining her fight entirely, and notice how earlier this week she announced her retirement. So she’s done playing,” Gaines told “Fox News Tonight” hots Piers Morgan. “This is a classic case of virtue signaling. She wants to be seen as kind. She wants to be seen as inclusive, but it is not inclusive what she’s fighting for. It’s actually exclusive. It’s exclusive to the very female athletes who the women’s sporting category was created to protect. And it’s not kind to ask a girl to undress in front of a man in a locker room, that is the exact opposite of kind.”

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