Meet Glenn Hutchins, the moneyed elitist Democrat fomenting racial antagonism at Harvard

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By Joe Schaeffer

As the summer of our national discontent continues, rational voices have been laboring to point out the immense financial and structural support being afforded to howling mobs in the streets by major corporations and foundations.

Those paying these “protesters” are pursuing an increasingly radical notion of “social justice” by the entrenched forces of a ruling post-World War II neoliberal globalist establishment that very much wants to see that nothing essential changes.

Harvey Weinstein is presented with the W.E.B. Du Bois medal by Glenn Hutchins during ceremonies on Sept. 30, 2014 on the campus of Harvard University. / AP

The ongoing destruction of the middle class in America has led to a menacingly volatile situation in which you have a lot of very rich people, far, far greater numbers of poor or struggling people, and no barrier in between. This is the eternal recipe for bloody revolution, best witnessed in France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.

As the very rich further remove themselves from all genuine ties to their fellow Americans residing outside their elitist bubble, the crisis deepens. Vastly wealthy and markedly out of touch with the concerns of the working class, these modern plutocrats – that is the word that best describes them – indulge in woke social causes rather than back the America First populist spirit that saw over 60 million voters thrust Donald Trump into the White House in 2016. Why? The explanation is simple. One is a relatively cheap and intoxicating way to feel good – messianic, even – that does not seriously endanger established revenue streams in the long run, while the other demands authentic systemic change to a globalist economic playing field that has benefited the few at the expense of the many for far too long.

An interesting player in this woke plutocratic dynamic is Glenn Hutchins. Hutchins is a Democrat, having served as an economic adviser to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. But above all Hutchins is a globalist elitist. Examining the ease in which this man moves through the networks of power and the dangerous things his money supports will hopefully shed further light on just how Big Money is driving so much of the Cultural Marxist agitprop we are witnessing in our communities today.

Hutchins is a billionaire private equity investor. How connected is this guy? Here is a rather numbing rundown:

• Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Board of Directors.
• Member of AT&T‘s Board of Directors.
Co-Chair of the Board at the leftist globalist Brookings Institute. Hutchins’ $10 million grant via his Hutchins Family Foundation led to the founding of Brookings’ Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy. TWO former Fed chairs – Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen – are “Distinguished Fellows” at the Center.
• Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and part owner of the NBA’s Boston Celtics.
Co-Chairman of international non-governmental organization CARE, one of the biggest enablers of the Third World invasion of the West.
Board member of the Obama Foundation.
• Board member of the hard-leftist Center for American Progress, which is headed by longtime top Hillary Clinton aide Neera Tanden. CAP recently added Georgia radical Democrat Stacey Abrams to its board as well.

Hutchins appeared in particularly interesting fashion in the Podesta Files, the data dump of hacked emails belonging to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta. In a Nov. 2015 series of email exchanges, Hutchins tells the powerful Clinton operative that he will be appearing on CNBC as presidential candidate Donald Trump calls in to the network. Hoping he might get the chance to ask Trump a question, Hutchins implores Podesta for help in crafting a query that can damage the Trump campaign.

As you can see, the man is ubiquitous in the halls of power of both progressive and globalist circles. In a 2011 article in The Atlantic chronicling the “rise of the global elite,” Chrystia Freeland devastatingly quoted Hutchins articulating his worldview. From the article:

“A person in Africa who runs a big African bank and went to Harvard might have more in common with me than he does with his neighbors, and I could well share more overlapping concerns and experiences with him than with my neighbors.” The circles we move in, Hutchins explains, are defined by “interests” and “activities” rather than “geography”: “Beijing has a lot in common with New York, London, or Mumbai. You see the same people, you eat in the same restaurants, you stay in the same hotels. But most important, we are engaged as global citizens in crosscutting commercial, political, and social matters of common concern. We are much less place-based than we used to be.”

You may ask yourself: Why is a man who admits he has little regard for the “place” that happens to be the nation of his birth so committed to championing radical social change there? Hutchins surely must see it as another avenue to cultivate the emerging dominance of that global community in which he holds such lofty standing.

The racially divisive rhetoric of Black Lives Matter did not suddenly manifest itself out of thin air. The seeds have been been planted for decades, most notably in the halls of high academia. It is here where Hutchins has devoted a good chunk of his money.

The W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Research was founded at Harvard in 1975. In 2013, Hutchins gave $15 million to the institute, which was promptly renamed the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research in his honor.

In 2016 Hutchins poured another $10 million into the Center to fund it in “perpetuity.”

At a Brookings Institute event in 2016, Hutchins Center Director Henry Louis Gates Jr. said of Hutchins:

“For those you who don’t know, Glenn and I are very close. You know, we fight like brothers. Glenn’s certainly one of my closest friends. But Glenn Hutchins has the distinction of being a person who’s donated more to African and African-American studies than anybody in the history of African and African-American studies, and that is the truth.”

Radical professor Cornel West saluted Gates at a 2018 Hutchins Center Honors award ceremony, saying, “Brother Skip Gates, he’s been at it now for 40 years… fundamentally invested in the quest for truth to fight the vicious legacy of white supremacy with a smile.”

West then said of Hutchins, “And then we got Brother Glenn, we got our Vanilla Brother who puts his money where his mouth is.”

Former NFL quarterback and black radical Colin Kaepernick was honored at the event. West introduced Kaepernick like he was a rock star, screaming out that he was “the love warrior of his generation in sports.”

Hutchins personally placed the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal around Kaepernick’s neck.

In 2014, Hutchins personally awarded the same Du Bois Medal to notorious film producer Harvey Weinstein. After facing heavy criticism following Weinstein’s public unmasking as a sexual predator, something that had been widely known throughout Hollywood for decades, the Center rescinded the award in 2017.

The Center has also expressed its admiration for the murderous Black Panther movement of the 1970s. As part of its response to the George Floyd killing, Hutchins Center recently re-posted a 2017 speech from Black Panthers’ co-founder Bobby Seale onto its YouTube page. The Center billed Seale’s appearance at the time by declaring that “[h]is activism and trials brought America and the world face to face with the Panthers’ radical articulation of civil rights and human rights for African Americans.”

Abby Wolf is Executive Director of the Hutchins Center. Abby Wolf is a lunatic. In a bizarre January 2016 article for The Root about little white kids not being happy about getting black dolls as Christmas presents, she claimed this is the beginning of a cycle of racial bias that ends with black youths being killed by police:

In both the stomach-churning video of the girls and the heart-rending death of Tamir Rice, blackness is seen as remote from childhood because childhood is presumptuously defined as white: The mean, goading laughter teaches the girls that white children don’t want black baby dolls, and white juridical America, building on the endless loop of that education, doesn’t believe that black children are even children at all.

The Center’s 2018 Annual Report opens with a “Letter From the Director” Gates that basically says President Trump is bringing hidden systemic racial oppression out into the open in America today:

The year that has passed has disrupted much of what we’ve taken as fundamental truths about this nation and the world. The voting rights, civil rights, women’s rights, human rights, and global connections for which our forerunners fought so hard seem threatened by the sharp directional change not only of our federal government but also of our national discourse. We are seeing what many of us thought were hatreds of the past — hatreds that could no longer be spoken, at least, in polite company — come once again into the light, and in full flower. At the Hutchins Center, we are sobered but not necessarily startled by this upheaval: after all, the scholars and artists who have a place here are in the business of excavating and illuminating histories and cultures, making plain what has been hidden, and decoding what has been encrypted.

This attitude is no surprise given that the Center hosted a 2018 panel discussion blatantly titled “Race and Racism in the Age of Trump.”

Race-baiting New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow was a member of that panel discussion. This inflammatory June 3 tweet by him shortly after the death of George Floyd was retweeted on the official Hutchins Center account:

The Center also hosted Nikole Hannah-Jones, the leading figure behind The New York Times’ racially inflammatory 1619 Project. “When you’re a black woman you are at the intersection of two hatreds in this country, race and gender,” Hannah-Jones told Gates at the December 2019 “conversation,” doubling down on her sense of personal grievance.

The American traitors who occupy the ranks of our super-wealthy global elite have openly stated that they feel no kinship whatsoever for the citizens of what they see as a passé notion of a sovereign nation state. At the same time they are lavishly funding radicals who want to tear down the traditional cultural norms of this nation. What more explanation do you need for the rise of the so-called Woke Capitalist?

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