Meet the De-Pressed

Together, We Can Bring Back Honest Reporting

Delegate at the Bolshevik 17th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party holding a Pravda newspaper in 1934. / Public Doman

When social and corporate media monopolies not only drown out but censor information and dissenting voices, they violate First Amendment freedoms and corrupt the free flow of information vital for American Exceptionalism. What’s worse, they quite often distort or contradict objective reality itself.

We need to know the Truth be it good, bad, or ugly.

Americans should not have to rely on British news organizations to learn what is really happening in their nation’s capital.

And our political class should not be conditioned to kowtow to a one-sided media monolith.

. . . and End ‘Fake News’

“We don’t have freedom of the press,” President Donald Trump said in 2021. That devastating state of affairs with which many agree jeopardizes the foundation of our culture, system of governance and even national security.

All Americans should have access to trustworthy and credible reporting and commentary in order to discern for themselves how to best navigate through life for their families and hold public servants accountable to the will of the people.

To that end, the Free Press Foundation has created a managed fund that upon reaching cruising altitude will provide sustainable support for the expansion of independent media and ultimately restore the fundamental American right of free speech.

This will make possible:

  • On-the-job-training for Journalism students working remotely and in Washington, DC.
  • Grants to Independent Media struggling financially due to Social Media censorship.
  • Payment to News Professionals for published investigative projects, news reporting or analysis and art.
  • A legal fund, which is a budget requirement for most large Media companies but unaffordable to many Independent Media ventures.

You have seen the work of our publishing partners at and the  Free Press Media Group. Our philosophy is not one of cut-throat “alternative media” competition but rather reinforcing and magnifying quality reporting by all independent voices. Please support our efforts by  Donating Now.

If the First Amendment is destroyed, there will no longer be the need for the Free Press Foundation because the Free Press will be just as dead as in communist China or North Korea. Enemies of freedom can then remove “we the people” from the power equation in this nation. For the sake of future generations and freedom-lovers worldwide, that must not happen.

With your help we will make the American press free again. Thank you!