Media blackout: Loudoun County parents demand school board resign over sexual assault cover-up

by WorldTribune Staff, October 15, 2021

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia have called for the resignation of the entire school board after Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) defended the cover-up of an alleged rape in order to preserve its leftist transgender agenda.

On May 28, a male transgender student wearing a skirt allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl in the girl’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The school district’s policy allows students to use the bathroom and locker room of their gender identity.

Furious parents are demanding the resignation of Loudoun County Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler, shown on June 22, telling a school board meeting that there had been no reports of sexual assaults involving transgender kids in bathrooms.

The alleged rape and the school board’s cover-up was revealed in an investigative article by The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak earlier this week.

The same transgender student allegedly committed a second sexual assault at another Loudoun County school after he was transferred out of Stone Bridge, reports say.

County school officials had the father of the first alleged victim arrested and prosecuted after he tried to sound the alarm at a school board meeting. The viral video of Scott Smith’s arrest was used by the Left, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, as part of a narrative portraying parents who speak out at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

More than 60 concerned parents, students and residents spoke at the Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday evening, with many demanding the resignation of Superintendent Scott Ziegler in the wake of allegations that the school district covered up two alleged sexual assaults.

“You, Dr. Ziegler and our school board, every one of you are complicit in these crimes against our children because you did nothing… except you move people around,“ one parent said. “You buried a rape!”

“This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced,” one irate mother said. “Remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. End this nightmare!”

Big Media, with the exception of Fox News, has ignored the major news story. “As parents gathered before the Loudoun County School Board in the Washington, D.C., suburbs to demand the resignation of the superintendent of schools, news cameras from ABC, CBS, and NBC were nowhere to be found,” the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard noted in a Wednesday op-ed.

According to the Daily Wire’s report, the suspect in the alleged sexual assaults was criminally charged with “two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.”

The suspect was not arrested until late July or early August. After the first incident, the school system transferred him to Broad Run High School in Ashburn where, on Oct. 6, he was charged with forcing a girl into an empty classroom and touching her inappropriately.

At a June 22 meeting, Ziegler lied to those assembled when he said: “The predator transgender student or person simply does not exist. We don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

That is when Smith decided to speak out. But instead of hearing him out, the school board silenced him by having him tackled and arrested by police officers.

“If that’s not outrageous enough, in an effort to have parents opposed to Critical Race Theory and this transgender madness treated as domestic terrorists by the federal government, Smith’s arrest was cited by the National School Boards Association in a letter demanding federal law enforcement protection,” Breitbart’s John Nolte noted.

“Then, on Aug. 11, the school board went right ahead and voted for its lunatic trans policy, which will force teachers to use whatever pronouns the student demands and will give males full use of the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms,” Nolte added.

Nolte continued: “You must understand how f—-g vile and evil these people are. Other than furthering the cause, they have no morality. A 15-year-old girl repeatedly sodomized? That is just fine with them if, in the end, they get what they want. The organized left will sacrifice all your daughters to create their sick and twisted version of utopia.

“Keep voting Democrats, you Blue State, and City morons. They are coming for your children, and if you refuse to see that, you are as guilty as they are. Do you really hate Republicans more than you love your own children?”

Loudoun County Public Schools released a statement this week defending the coverup and attacked the alleged rape victim’s father.

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