Media and their ‘experts’ want you to mask up yet again

by WorldTribune Staff, February 26, 2024

Years of scientific data (remember follow the science?) have confirmed that face masks do not work in stopping the transmission of Covid.

“There is no evidence that masks stop measles transmission, nor any respiratory virus for that matter. Masks do not stop airborne viruses, and, whaddya know, the measles, flu and COVID are transmitted through airborne aerosols,” Ian Miller, author of “Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates” notes in a Feb. 25 analysis.

So, it figures that “you’d be forgiven if in late February 2024, you’d assumed that the media would have finally given up on pushing for the public to wear masks,” Miller added.

Not even close.

Rolling Stone, just in the last week, published an article stating: “Though mask restrictions have eased across the country (and around the world), officials say you shouldn’t be taking off your masks just yet, especially if you’re in crowded places or traveling.”

The Rolling Stone article continues with a dire warning: even your vaccines and boosters aren’t enough to save you now: “Even if you have received your vaccine and booster, medical experts continue to promote the wearing of face coverings as an effective way to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the new JN.1 variant, measles, and other potentially harmful viruses in the air.”

Rolling Stone in the article goes “beyond obvious factual mistakes” and “attempts to quote additional ‘experts’ extolling the supposed advantages of N95 masks over the cloth and surgical masks they previously recommended and mandated,” Miller notes.

“N95 fit offers advantages over a loose-fitting surgical mask by eliminating leakage around the mask,” a report quoted by Rolling Stone claims.

Except, as Miller points out, “that’s not actually true.

“Only fit tested N95 masks eliminate leakage, and not even always then if not used properly. N95 masks purchased for $1 at the grocery store have no fit advantages over any other type of mask, which is why the available high quality reviews repeatedly show that there’s no evidence N95s are more effective at reducing transmission of respiratory viruses. Not to mention the fact that countries such as Austria and Germany tried mandating N95 level masks during the pandemic, only to see them prove completely ineffective.”

Bottom line. “Masks don’t work,” Miller notes. “There is not one piece of available data that shows masks are effective at stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. Not one.”

Miller concludes:

The “experts” were wrong, yet the media ate it up because it fulfilled their need to be viewed as morally superior to their political opponents. They’ve spread misinformation, and often purposeful disinformation, at the behest of their partners; those same unnamed “officials” Rolling Stone appeals to.

They’ve caused incalculable damage to society and to the public, leading to permanent, life-altering changes for millions of people around the world. They can’t even get basic, inarguable facts down correctly. And it appears they’re never going to apologize or correct their misleading proclaimations.

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