Marxism in the name of equity: Going down ‘the gay rabbit hole’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 30, 2023

What is the Corporate Equality Index (CEI)?

It is a system pushed by the woke leftist mob that resembles communist China’s social credit score system, critics say.

“Teachers’ unions, Soros, and Human Rights Campaign… all working together to bully corporations into pushing political ideals that could ultimately put them out of business,” Twitch’s Sam Janney noted. “All in the name of equity or whatever other happy-horse crap they’re pushing to divide us. Before all of this nonsense, the majority of us lived side-by-side happy to mind our own business about the lives of others and you know, be left alone.”

That wasn’t good enough for the Left.

“Fascism in the name of equity – yay Lefties and Democrats,” Janney added.

The Redheaded libertarian put together an epic Twitter thread which explains the Corporate Equality Index:

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