Maricopa County ignores eyewitnesses, certifies its ‘election’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 29, 2022

Several eyewitnesses stepped forward on Monday to testify before the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors about the complete failure of voting machines in Arizona on Nov. 8.

Maricopa County officials certified the midterm election results anyway.

“It is what it is,” District 5 board member Steve Gallardo, a Democrat, said at the Nov. 28 public meeting in Phoenix. “This election was safe, secure, and in my opinion, this election is over.”

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement:

The Maricopa Supervisors are far worse than the Democrats ever were! The only question is, why? …. REMEMBER, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE FAIR & FREE ELECTIONS WITH MAIL-IN BALLOTS – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. WON’T AND CAN’T HAPPEN!!!

Several poll workers told The Epoch Times that the ballot rejection rate was as high as 52 percent in some locations in Maricopa County and continued throughout the day and that some voters left without voting, amounting to “voter suppression.”

Independent journalist Emerald Robinson noted: “The testimony of poll workers in Maricopa County regarding the stolen midterm elections is an important historical record for future generations of Americans.”

One poll worker testified before the board of supervisors that his entire polling place was inoperable on Nov. 8.

Professor David Clements called out Maricopa County’s officials as totally corrupt and their behavior as criminal.

A woman from Venezuela noted that the same voting machines that were used in her home country were also being used in Arizona — with the same results.

Robinson pointed out how an FBI agent who suddenly became Arizona’s “Director of Elections” in 2021 — Kori Lorick — “had no problem” with the way the Nov. 8 election was conducted in Maricopa.

“Why are FBI agents being hired to supervise state elections? Well, my theory is that FBI agents are being installed as state elections supervisors to ‘supervise’ certain elections when voting machines have to malfunction only in GOP-dominated polling sites,” Robinson wrote.

“Do our states actually run our elections — per our Constitution? Don’t be ridiculous,” Robinson added. “Everywhere you look, you can see federal authorities openly taking over (‘supervising’ or ‘monitoring’ are their preferred terms for open interference) elections illegally. The Biden regime’s DOJ has no legal authority to ‘monitor’ state elections — but they’re doing it anyway.”

Meanwhile, the Board of Supervisors for Cochise County in southeast Arizona voted to table certification of the 2022 midterms until Friday, missing a Monday deadline.

Prior to the election, the board had voted to conduct a full hand count audit of the ballots over concerns about the accuracy and security of tabulation machines.

Secretary of State and Democrat candidate for governor Katie Hobbs threatened to sue the county if it conducted a full hand count.

“The Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans, a civil rights group, and a Cochise County resident sued to block the expanded audit, arguing it was illegal,” the AZ Mirror reported. “Lawyers from Elias Law — the firm founded by Marc Elias, who typically represents Democrats and often litigates voting rights cases — argued for the plaintiffs.”

Elias tweeted Monday that his firm has sued Cochise County again over its board’s decision not to certify the election. The secretary of state’s office plans to file a lawsuit as well, spokeswoman Sophia Solis said.

Voters in Cochise — which includes the county seat of Bisbee and the popular tourist town of Tombstone — cast approximately 47,000 ballots in the Nov. 8 election.

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