Man carrying 2 firearms and Koran arrested at Disneyland Paris

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Police said a “28-year-old man of European origin” was arrested at a Disneyland Paris hotel on Jan. 28.

160128180535-disneyland-paris-logo-large-169A man carrying two guns and a Koran was detained at the theme park’s New York Hotel, French officials said. He had the guns, one an automatic handgun, concealed in a bag with the religious text.

“Firearms were discovered in the bags of a man as he went through the metal detector during a routine security check at one of our hotels,” Disneyland Paris spokesman Francois Banon said.

The French Interior Ministry said police were also searching for a woman who may have been with the man, correcting a previous statement that she had been arrested.

Euro Disney, whose main shareholder is U.S.-based Walt Disney Co., runs the amusement park.

The man was unknown to police before the incident.

France remains in a state of emergency after Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorists killed 130 people in and near Paris in November 2015.

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