Making the complex understandable: President Trump sums up Super Tuesday

by WorldTribune Staff, March 4, 2020

The Democratic Party establishment enabled Joe Biden to resurrect his presidential campaign on Super Tuesday while “selfish” Elizabeth Warren badly damaged Bernie Sanders’ chances, President Donald Trump assessed.

‘It was a perfect storm,’ President Donald Trump tweeted. / YouTube

“The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN!” Trump tweeted. “Even the fact that Elizabeth Warren stayed in the race was devastating to Bernie and allowed Sleepy Joe to unthinkably win Massachusetts.”

“It was a perfect storm, with many good states remaining for Joe!” Trump added.

In another tweet, Trump wrote: “Wow! If Elizabeth Warren wasn’t in the race, Bernie Sanders would have EASILY won Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas, not to mention various other states. Our modern day Pocahontas won’t go down in history as a winner, but she may very well go down as the all time great SPOILER!”

The Daily Caller noted that Sanders “had hoped wins in Texas and California — both states long viewed by the campaign to be his firewall — would help widen his delegate lead heading into a tough slate of states. In 2016, Sanders lost 8 of the next 11 states to cast primary ballots.”

After losing Texas on Tuesday, it is unlikely that Sanders will secure the 1,991 pledged delegates necessary to earn the nomination ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

“So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race,” Trump added. “She has zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly. So much for their wonderful liberal friendship. Will he ever speak to her again? She cost him Massachusetts (and came in third), he shouldn’t!”

Politico reported Wednesday that Warren’s campaign is facing serious financial trouble and infighting among staffers following Tuesday’s results.

Warren campaign manager Roger Lau said on Wednesday that the campaign was still waiting for “a better sense of the final delegate math,” but admitted “we are obviously disappointed” with the results. Lau said that Warren was “going to take time right now to think through the right way to continue this fight.”

“This decision is in her hands, and it’s important that she has the time and space to consider what comes next,” Lau said.

While the writing on the wall seemed to be coming into focus for “Pocahontas”, as Trump calls her, Mike Bloomberg certainly saw it clearly. Only for “Mini Mike,” his pulling out of the race came after he dumped more than a half billion of his own money with only a victory in American Samoa to show for it.

A current NPR count of the delegates shows Biden with 453 and Sanders with 382, with Warren a distant third at 50.

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