‘Lock them up’: Trump warns ‘they’ve now got big problems’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 29, 2019

President Donald Trump on March 28 called for Democrats and members of the corporate media to be held accountable for pushing the Russia collusion hoax.

“Their fraud has been exposed,” the president told the crowd at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, adding that “they’ve now got big problems.”

Trump slammed “this phony, corrupt, disgusting cloud” of suspicion that hung over his first two years in office. Later, he called the “partisan” investigations and other pressure on him “ridiculous bullshit.”

The crowd chanted “Lock them up!”

Trump blasted his critics as a “group of major losers” who “tried to do everything possible to take us out, but we’re very tough to take out, right?”

“We kept our promise to the American people and it’s driving them crazy.”

Trump’s full speech:

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