‘Lock him up’: Trump says Biden family is a ‘criminal enterprise’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 18, 2020

The Biden family is a “criminal enterprise” and the scandal exposed by the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden makes it “impossible” for Joe Biden to become president, President Donald Trump said on Saturday.

President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Muskegon, Michigan on Saturday. / YouTube

During a campaign stop in Michigan, Trump said Joe Biden should be jailed.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” Trump said to the roaring crowd which at one point erupted into chants of “lock him up.”

“He’s a criminal, he’s committed crimes. He’s a national security risk. He makes Crooked Hillary look like amateur hour.”

On Sunday, Trump tweeted: “Hunter Biden’s laptop is a disaster for the entire Biden family, but especially for his father, Joe. It is now a proven fact, and cannot be denied, that all of that info is the REAL DEAL. That makes it impossible for ‘50%, or 10%’ Joe, to ever assume the office of the President!”

At Saturday’s rally, Trump also joked that he would consider running for an additional term in office if he wins the 2020 election.

“We go up to January 20,” he told the crowd, referencing the date when power would transfer should Biden win the election.

“But I don’t think we need to worry … we’ll get the next four years and then, if we decide to go for an extra four, or eight, or something,” he continued.

The crowd then erupted into a chant of “12 more years,” according to The Daily Mail.

“I think 12 will now be the gold standard that will be the new chant,” he said.

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