Linda Tripp on the real Hillary Clinton: ‘Completely different human being from the one presented to voters’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a “coarse, profane political operative … with no moral compass,” according to former White House staffer Linda Tripp, whose workspace was located directly adjacent to the then-first lady’s second floor West Wing office.

“The voting public will never see behind the Clinton mask. But if they could they would see what I saw behind closed doors all of those years ago. They’d see a completely different human being from the one presented to the voters,” Tripp told “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio”.

Linda Tripp and Hillary Clinton
Linda Tripp and Hillary Clinton

Tripp also described what she characterized as the former first lady’s significant temperament issues, including the constant use of profanity, as well as a general disdain for the U.S. electorate, the Armed Services and the honor and dignity of the institution of the American presidency.

“In the Clinton White House there was endless screaming,” Tripp recalled. “Constant vulgar profanity on the part of both the president and the first lady. And it’s hard for me to refer to her as the first lady, frankly.

“You’ve heard all about the hurling of hard objects. All of that was true. But what you haven’t heard is the cowering of the White House staff in her presence. There was a contempt for the military. And this is a woman who believes she is entitled to be commander-in-chief. And that was very, very difficult for me. Having had a 20-year history with the military. And a deep, abiding respect for all the members of the Armed Services. She had a hatred of Republicans. And I have think we have seen that with her basket of deplorables (comments). Sometimes the truth just peaks out.”

Tripp was brought to the Clinton administration from the George H.W. Bush White House, where she served as executive assistant to the deputy chief of staff to the president, a role that enabled her to become familiar with the inner workings of the West Wing.

During the Clinton administration, she first served as support staff to the Immediate Office of the President, where she sat just outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office. After three months, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster asked Tripp to work for the White House Counsel’s office as executive assistant to White House Counsel Bernie Nussbaum, who played a lead role in defending the Clintons in their numerous scandals.

Asked whether she actually saw Hillary throw hard objects at Bill Clinton, Tripp replied, “no, we just saw the result on the president’s face. Literally.”

“And there was always the commingling and the pay-for-play,” Tripp added. “And I mean from the smallest way to the largest way. There was the wholesale selling of the Lincoln bedroom. And rides on Air Force One. And money all the time. It was just very difficult for someone who had seen another White House operate in a way that one would expect a White House to operate.”

The Clintons possessed no respect or honor for the office of the presidency, Tripp charged: “I remember a senior adviser to President Bush. A nice guy. I am not going to name his name. But a very senior adviser who had said to a few of us one day that he pinched himself every single day that he entered the White House to go to work. And he said further if you don’t feel that way you don’t belong here. And it resonated because those of us who did feel that way thought, ‘Ah, it’s not just us. There is a reverence. There is an honor.’ A feeling of history that we are so fortunate to be a part of. Of course, none of that pertains to the Clintons.

“Both the Clintons operate from a position of ethical bankruptcy. And in doing so they have been stacking the deck for many years. They have ensured they are above the law, as we saw this year. So whether it was obstructing justice or hiding documents. You know the abusing and besmirching of women. Their patented strategy of personal destruction of those who would speak out against them. And perjury.

“They have insulated themselves with total political power. And the accumulation of vast wealth. Those are hard things to go up against. So it’s worked well for them.”


If the voters could see Clinton behind closed doors, “they would see a fearsome, paranoid individual with zero concern for the masses. She sees the voting block merely as a necessary evil to achieve her goals. She is a total impressive smoke and mirrors act.”