Limbaugh: Why aren’t sanctuary mayors embracing Trump’s ‘gift of love’?

by WorldTribune Staff, April 14, 2019

Oakland and other so-called sanctuary cities do not want to accept President Donald Trump’s offer of sending a wave of border crossers to their cities because they can’t handle a large influx of illegals – “just like our country can’t,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

“The reason they are not going to support this, the reason these sanctuary cities are not gonna support it, an influx of new gifts of love transferred to them by President Trump will deplete resources. They’re already running short on resources anyway,” Limbaugh said.

President Donald Trump and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Trump and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf engaged in a Twitter feud on April 13 after the mayor objected to the president saying he is “strongly looking at” a plan to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Trump tweeted: “….So interesting to see the Mayor of Oakland and other Sanctuary Cities NOT WANT our currently ‘detained immigrants’ after release due to the ridiculous court ordered 20 day rule. If they don’t want to serve our Nation by taking care of them, why should other cities & towns?”

Schaaf responded: “It’s time to stop fanning hate and division @realDonaldTrump – I’ve been consistent and clear: #Oakland welcomes all, no matter where you came from or how you got here.”

Trump fired off another tweet soon after: “Just out: The USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities. We hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the State of California, which is well known for its poor management & high taxes!”

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said the administration is working with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to advance the plan.

Limbaugh said that sanctuary cities view themselves as “lone outposts in America where America still cares. The rest of America may be a bunch of heartless snobs, but in the sanctuary cities in this country there’s real compassion, real liberal compassion. They love people. And if the federal government is chasing you, if the revenuers are chasing you, if ICE is chasing you, if Trump is chasing you, if you are in violation of the law, we will protect you, we will shield you, because we, like you, think the United States law sucks.”

Limbaugh continued: “That’s their attitude. The mayor of Oakland even warns illegal aliens when an ICE raid that she hears about is planned so that they can hide from the ICE agents.”

Send immigrants to sanctuary cities will deplete resources and “they’re already running short on resources anyway,” Limbaugh said. “It would really tear into their tax dollars. It would overwhelm their schools. Their schools are already in bad shape in these sanctuary cities. It would overwhelm the hospitals and the health care facilities. These towns, everybody’s maxed out already, not just at the border.”

Sanctuary cities “know full well that they will not be made stronger by the arrival of these people that don’t speak the language and therefore can’t really be productive,” Limbaugh said. “So these cities will become even weaker, and if they’re on the verge of falling apart, that will be exaggerated or advanced, ’cause they can’t handle it. They couldn’t handle an influx of brand-new illegal immigrants. They’re already bursting at the rafters here, just like our country can’t.”

Limbaugh continued: “Our country can’t deal with this much longer just like these sanctuary cities can’t. Folks, I’m telling you, that’s why it would be such a great experiment. It would put the left to the test! Oh, so you oppose enforcing the law, huh? Oh, so you think we ought to not even have borders, eh? Oh, so you think that these are wonderful citizens, future citizens that we need to extend more benefits to them so even our own citizens, especially the children – well, let’s put ’em to the test.”

The Trump administration should “allow the people that run these sanctuary cities to show us how it’s done,” Limbaugh said. “Let’s have them, who run sanctuary states, show everybody how it’s done. Let them demonstrate how we’re all panicked over nothing. Let them show us that all this is is a grand opportunity.

“So let’s do this! Let’s set up a bunch of labs in these states with newly arrived sanctuary city residents, gifts of love brought to them by President Trump and ICE. It would overwhelm their housing. You know what else it would do? It would create an even bigger war with existence minorities.

“You think the existing minorities and people in need in these cities are just gonna sit by while the new arrivals get everything? It would overwhelm law enforcement. A great experiment here, folks. It would be a great illustration of how liberalism doesn’t work, how endless compassion, how violation of American law, how the supposedly moral values of the left do not work.”

Of Oakland Mayor Schaaf, Limbaugh said “What an absolute hypocrite!”

The mayor said “It’s ‘an outrageous abuse of power and public resources… us[ing] families and children – human beings – as political retribution … I am proud to be the mayor of a sanctuary city. We believe they’re safer…”

Limbaugh said: “Well, then bring ’em in! ‘We embrace the diversity.’ Bring ’em in! ‘We don’t think it’s appropriate for us to use local resources…’ Oh, of course not. (laughing) Of course not. These people are standing on balsa wood. They are standing on foundations of balsa wood.

“Here she loves being the mayor of a sanctuary city, but she doesn’t want any more of ’em. ‘This is political retribution against enemies. It should infuriate every American.’ What should infuriate every American is the simple existence of sanctuary cities, openly in violation of federal law. American elected officials, mayors like this, in open defiance of the law and wanting great credit for it. That’s what ought to infuriate every American, and it does infuriate a lot of Americans.”

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