Limbaugh: The Left is not making a comeback but is actively encouraging violence

by WorldTribune Staff, November 12, 2017

The mainstream media’s claim of an anti-Trump wave taking shape after gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey is “totally manufactured,” Rush Limbaugh said.

What isn’t manufactured, however, is the Left’s “encouraging their followers” to engage in violence against Republicans and conservatives, the radio host said.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has received ‘explicit death threats. Some have referenced Pruitt’s home address,’ the Wall Street Journal reported.

“This anti-Trump wave is a fabricated lie. Here are the numbers again. Donald Trump won 30 states; Hillary Clinton won 20. Donald Trump did not win Virginia. So there was no ‘loss’ in Virginia on Tuesday. In other words, we didn’t lose something we had,” Limbaugh said.

“There’s no reason Democrats ought to be up and dancing. They didn’t win anything! They stopped the bleeding is what happened in Virginia.”

Meanwhile, “Democrats and liberals are out attacking and shooting Republicans and conservatives,” Limbaugh said. “This Looney Toon guy that shot up the congressional baseball practice that nearly killed Steve Scalise. We have this Texas shooter who’s obviously an oddball. Now this guy attacked Rand Paul.”

Limbaugh added, “and then there’s a story: ‘Keeping Scott Pruitt Safe’. Scott Pruitt is, of course, the EPA administrator. Since Scott Pruitt got there and has been implementing the Donald Trump anti-climate change agenda and bringing coal back to the American forefront in terms of energy production – basically focusing on fossil fuels and fracking and ignoring and shredding the Obama Regime’s climate change rules… I mean, the security detail that is needed for Scott Pruitt would blow your mind.”

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, since the Trump administration took office, the EPA “has investigated more than 70 credible threats against EPA staffers, with a disproportionate number menacing Administrator Scott Pruitt and his family. The EPA responded by beefing up his security detail, but Pruitt’s political opponents are now trying to hold these warranted precautions against him. Pruitt has received more than five times as many threats as his predecessor, Gina McCarthy. These include explicit death threats. Some have referenced Pruitt’s home address. Federal law enforcement has determined that some of those threatening Pruitt are likely capable of carrying out acts of violence. EPA security has already caught suspects prowling around the administrator’s neighborhood.”

Limbaugh said: “Now, folks, is it any wonder that Republicans might be a little skittish, above and beyond their fear already of the media – which, of course, is not a fear of violence against them. It’s a fear of being destroyed in the media if they dare stand up for what they believe in.

“It is more than obvious that the left is encouraging their followers to be vile, aggressive, abusive, and dangerous. There’s no question about it. The left is encouraging this kind of activity. They are promoting it and they celebrate it. I don’t care whether you see it in Baltimore, whether you see it in Ferguson, Missouri. Wherever you see a public riot, wherever you see any public riot with violence in response to Trump, all of this is applauded. And in the Drive-By Media, while it may not all be applauded, it is certainly treated with respect.”

Limbaugh continued: “The vile, repulsive, just raw rage and anger that is on display daily on social media is infectious. … We found 10 people who, on Twitter, were able to make themselves look like hundreds of thousands, with the cooperation of Twitter, I might add, helping and assisting in the creation and use of bots.

“But I’ve noticed this more and more. It happens in sports media. It happens in the news media, and now the networks are even, you know, randomly showing Twitter reactions to whatever news story there is. And I think it’s all contributing to poisoning. If you look at the American cultural as a soup or as a stew, man, there’s a lot of poison in it, and it’s effervescing, it’s bubbling up to the top.

“And who’s doing it? Who’s turning anonymous Twitter lunatics into mainstream media news sources? The mainstream media, the Drive-Bys. And they don’t have to look very hard to find lunatics who want to make the point they’re trying to make, pro or con. And all of this is coarsening our culture, all of this is promoting partisanship and anger, bitterness, violence.”

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