Liberal hate: Why conservative journalists, even never-Trumpers, struggle to earn a living

by WorldTribune Staff, April 9, 2018

The advertiser boycott of Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News and the firing of a conservative “never-Trumper” columnist at The Atlantic show that, “yet again … liberalism is hate,” a columnist wrote.

“It’s not made of hate, it doesn’t subsist on hate – it is hate,” Derek Hunter wrote for on April 8.

Conservative columnist Kevin Williamson

“You are either one of them or you are their enemy. On an individual basis you can be friends with them, but especially in the political world, like the scorpion and the frog, if an opportunity comes along to destroy you, they will take it. It’s their nature.”

Ingraham is facing a boycott “because she said David Hogg, perhaps the most self-entitled person in the country at the moment, was ‘whining’ about not getting into the colleges of his choice. It’s a well-orchestrated boycott organized by adults at Media Matters, a Goebbels-esque ‘charity’ who’ve monetized outrage and perfected the fascist’s dream of enforcing conformity.”

Ingraham’s shot at the Parkland, Florida student was “ill-advised,” Hunter wrote, but “for all his bluster and media attention, Boss Hogg doesn’t just act like a baby, he basically is one, crying when he doesn’t get his way. … Still, the outrage machine locked and loaded, and pounced when they saw an opening.”

Hunter continued: “But it’s not just on TV where non-liberal opinions are subject to the ‘tolerance’ veto, print saw its own sacrifice this week. Kevin Williamson was a writer at National Review (and probably will be again). For a week he was a writer at The Atlantic. The reason for that job only lasting a week is The Atlantic has a purity test, and Williamson failed it.

“Purity tests used to be associated with racist groups, demanding someone’s blood be ‘pure’ in order to belong. Still a hallmark of the progressive left, they’ve evolved to become the defining characteristic for all progressive groups. You’re either all the way in, or you’re out – period.”

The Atlantic’s forcing out of the conservative Williamson “was couched by his spineless former boss, Jeffrey Goldberg, as being about comments Kevin made about supporting the death penalty for women who have abortions, but it was really much simpler than that,” Hunter wrote.

“A Klan of liberal writers were upset Goldberg had hired a conservative – a real conservative, not one of those David Frum/Jennifer Rubin-type writers who voted for Bush but feel guilty about it now so spend all their time writing about how awful Republicans are – and that was an unforgivable sin. Giving a non-doctrinaire thinker a platform is unacceptable. You can print vile things about any subject, as long as it’s liberal, in the Atlantic and you’ll remain in good standing with the Gestapo. Conform and you’re part of gang that likes to consider its members rebels; think differently and you’re an unacceptable square.”

“Never-Trumpers,” of which Williamson is one, “get invited to the parties, they get invited to the conferences (airfare and deluxe accommodations included), they get the TV bookings, but they’re never really part of the club,” Hunter noted. “The same reason liberals hate and are seeking to destroy Laura Ingraham is the same reason they hate and tried to destroy Kevin Williamson.”
The Atlantic “can fire anyone they want, as can any company, it’s not a First Amendment issue if it doesn’t involve the government. This is beyond that,” Hunter wrote.

“These events, and ones like it, are symptomatic of the end of civility; the end of simply avoiding someone you don’t like or disagree with. It’s not enough, just not interacting with them. This is bigger, this is working to destroy people not because they slept with your spouse or stole your dog, but for daring to not agree with you.”

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