‘Liberal feminist lawyer’ who supported Clinton, Obama endorses Kavanaugh

by WorldTribune Staff, September 6, 2018

A “liberal feminist lawyer” who has argued cases before the Supreme Court and called Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg her “hero,” told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Judge Brett Kavanaugh “is clearly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Lisa Blatt speaks before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. / AFP / Getty Images

Lisa Blatt, who said she voted for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and is an advocate of Roe v. Wade, said “Judge Kavanaugh is the best choice that liberals could reasonably hope for. Our judicial system is not well served by tit-for-tat politics. At the end of the day, I enthusiastically support Judge Kavanaugh and am proud to introduce him because he is qualified by his extraordinary intellect and experience.”

Blatt, who has argued more cases before the high court than any other woman, winning 32 of 35 cases, said “Judge Kavanaugh has spent countless hours listening to me talk about the challenges I have faced as a working mother in a profession dominated by men. Judge Kavanaugh has been remarkably committed to promoting women in the legal profession. More than half of his law clerks have been women, something that is sadly, by no means, common. The legal profession is fairer and more equal because Judge Kavanaugh has mentored countless other women.”

Liberals said Blatt, in endorsing Kavanaugh, sold out her progressive leanings for corporate cash.

Slate.com said that Blatt had endorsed Kavanaugh because her law firm’s “rich clients trump justice. The needs of its paying clients will take priority over the interests of its pro bono practice every single time.”

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Brian Fallon, executive director of the group Demand Justice, said “For a Supreme Court lawyer like Blatt, vouching for Kavanaugh is a transactional ploy to gain favor with someone she may argue before in the future,” adding that Blatt was “selling out progressive causes in order to advance her corporate clients’ interests.”

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