Levin on Mueller report: ‘Not a syllable of legal substance . . . a 200-page op-ed’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 21, 2019

Volume two of the Mueller report has no legal significance, talk show host Mark Levin said on Fox News on April 20. Following are excerpts:

This report, volume two, doesn’t have a syllable of legal significance. There’s not a syllable of law in it. It doesn’t matter what McGahn said or what the president said, none of it’s been tested in a court of law. There’s been no challenge to it. There’s been no cross-examination. Nothing. That’s why Mueller wrote this. This is a political document that he should never have written. A political document that’s 200 pages long that the press keeps focusing on. That’s why he and Weissmann and the others wrote it, because he knew you all — he knew CNN would be obsessed with it. He knew that MSNBC would be obsessed with it. This is an op-ed. This is a 200-page op-ed. That’s all this is. No prosecutor who wouldn’t want to be disbarred would ever produce anything like this, talking, well this guy said this, and why did the president say that? How do you know? Well the prosecutor said. Well who gives a damn what the prosecutor said? He’s not God. He’s not a judge. He’s not a jury.

Ed Henry, Fox News: But Mark, they’re quoting the White House counsel. Doesn’t whether or not the president told —

Levin: So what?

Henry: Doesn’t whether the president told the truth or not matter to you?

Levin: It matters completely to me. So how do you know this is truthful, Ed?

Henry: He’s the White House counsel, you think he lied to the investigators?

Levin: How do you know this is truthful, Ed? You have no idea. You know that the prosecutor put words in here that he was told by another individual that has never been challenged. President says he didn’t say that so you have no idea. I have no idea. That’s why we have a court of law. That’s why prosecutors, damn it, are not supposed to write essays like this. Now we have a special counsel. And the Democrats knew a special counsel could write a report. They’re not focused on volume one, which is legal, which does cite law, which was an investigation that found no collusion. That was the purpose of the investigation. Obstruction was not the purpose of the investigation. And he didn’t have an obstruction case against the president of the United States, or he would have brought it. I’m using plain English so even Joe Scarborough and Jake Tapper can understand this. Volume two is crap. Volume two was written for slip and fall lawyer Nadler, slip and fall lawyer, [Rep. Adam Schiff. That’s why he wrote it. He knew the media would run with it.

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