Levin levels Fox co-host over Trump transcript

by WorldTribune Staff, September 29, 2019

Radio and television host Mark Levin clashed with a Fox News host over the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president and the entire “whistleblower” fiasco.

On the Sept. 29 broadcast of Fox & Friends, Levin was asked by co-host Ed Henry: “I’m asking you are you OK with a president asking his counterpart — this is a simply yes or no — to dig up dirt on former vice president Joe Biden and his son? Are you OK with that?”

Levin, the author of the best-selling Unfreedom of the Press, responded: “First of all, your question is not honest. So I don’t give yes or no.”

Henry interjected, “That’s a quote from the transcript, sir.”

Levis said, “Let me finish. You have all morning. I have two minutes. It’s not an honest question. Show me in the transcript where the president said that … nowhere.”

Levin continued, “The media have taken sides here and what I’m saying is this is an utterly corrupt political, partisan process. And it’s about time we had some real reporters who would try to get to the bottom of this.”

He added, “There’s going to be a huge backlash in this country one way or the other. You can’t disenfranchise 63 million people who are on to this, who have alternative forms of information. Real cover-up here. Gee, we have the letter, and we have the transcripts, and all I get are reporters trying to tell me what the transcript says as opposed to what I read with my own eyes and telling me it’s the offense of the century that the president of the United States dares to mention something that’s in the American newspapers to the Ukrainian president.”

“He doesn’t say get Biden,” Levin continued. “He doesn’t say I’m digging up dirt on Biden. He doesn’t say do me a favor and get Biden. He says, ‘Why don’t you talk to my attorney general, look into this. People have questions.’ Wow. And all the sleazy activity that’s going behind the scenes. I want to know. I want to know if Adam Schiff and his staff, working with this phony whistleblower. I want to know who the lawyers are who helped him write that complaint as I was the first to point out before. I want to know the whole activity that’s taking place in the shadows of this government to try and bring down a president of the United States.”

Levin concluded: “Things are being done to this president that have never been done to prior presidents. Where did they keep the transcript of the phone call? Who gives a damn! The president has a power to issue an executive privilege order. Doesn’t matter if he kept it in his pillow. He can still protect that, but he didn’t. He gave it up.”

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