Levin: Arrest of pro-life activists testament to the Left’s ‘totalitarian purification’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 4, 2020

The arrest of two pro-life activists who attempted to paint “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on a street in Washington, D.C. is a prime example of the “totalitarian purification” being engineered by American leftists, radio and TV host Mark Levin said.

D.C. police arrest a pro-life activist on Saturday. / YouTube

“In many ways, the last two or three months, we’ve lost significant freedoms right under the First Amendment — freedom of speech freedom of association and freedom of the press. There is a totalitarian purification process going on and I’ve warned you about this for two decades that this day would come — and it’s here,” said Levin, host of the Fox News show “Life, Liberty and Levin”.

D.C. officials on Saturday ordered police to stop the pro-life activists from writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” in chalk on a sidewalk in front of a Planned Parenthood Office, even though the activists said they had the District government’s permission for the street painting, The Washington Times reported. Two of the activists who refused to stop writing the message were arrested.

Levin said he is proud of those arrested, adding that it shows the First Amendment now essentially only applies to Democrat-endorsed messaging.

“It doesn’t apply to conservatives, it only applies to colleges and universities that radicalize their students and have radical groups, not to conservative speakers that might be invited on campus,” Levin said on his “The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One” podcast.

Levin said the Frederick Douglass Foundation confirmed the pro-life activists had the necessary permits to paint the street with their message.

Levin noted that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed Black Lives Matter to inscribe their slogan on 16th Street NW in permanent paint, while allowing other left-wing messages, including “Defund Police”, to be written elsewhere — but compared that to the arrest of the peaceful anti-abortion activists.

“BLM and Antifa – in other words, the Democrats – [have been] burning down buildings, they’re shooting people, they’re stabbing people they hate Jews they hate America they’re Marxist and they’re [considered] ‘mostly peaceful,’ ” Levin said. “These young people were absolutely peaceful [over the weekend] and they’re threatened.”

Levin said the totalitarian bent of the Democratic Party will only get stronger, claiming moderate Republican Sens. Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins “don’t even perceive the threat that this nation is going through — or they don’t care. The Democrats are united like … legislative ‘stormtroopers.’ ”

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