Letter: Trump’s head on collision with two corrupt political parties

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Letter to the Editor, Fairfax Free Citizen

He is in only his second month in office. The politicos and their media merchants have been trying for so long to destroy President Trump that it seems as if he has been there for years.

For all the obvious good that he is doing, there is a much larger story that is being exhibited for anyone paying attention. That other story has to do with the viability and even survivability of the two major political parties. It is possible that both could cease to exist or undergo serious change to their marketing techniques.

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. /AP

In very general terms, the Democrats are perceived as being champions of what the people want. Republicans on the other hand, are believed to represent the wants of wealthy people and business interests. Neither of these is entirely true. Fact is, both parties cater to the interests of wealthy people and business interests. Without support from these groups, neither party could maintain itself as the controller of government. Or so they think. The election of Donald Trump is clear evidence that it is the voter who decides which party controls the government.

Democrats portray themselves as best suited to giving the people what they want. The problem with that is that giving people what they want is not a government function. America was not founded to make sure that people had a place to live, food to eat, or a government check in lieu of a job. Neither was a government envisioned that would guarantee the success of a business or corporation. The purpose of government was to guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, defend the nation, and guard the public treasury—all this with as little intrusion into personal liberty as possible.

But all that was before the evolvement of the professional politician. In time, men of lesser character and ability came to understand that politics could be a lucrative career. Government service made possible the idea that government influence is a commodity that could be bought and sold. Politicians began to exchange favorable legislation for campaign dollars. Pawns in their pursuit of power were poor people whose needs justified illegal and immoral legislation.

Democrat politicians determine the government agenda. Their strength derives from the fact that Dems embrace anything that will win votes. Activists, supported by wealthy people and foreign governments, found support for their wants among members of the Democratic Party. Abortion, environmentalism, sexism, transgenderism, anti-Capitalism, and any number of other isms became the items promoted by the party.

Equality of outcomes was adopted in order to justify government wealth redistribution schemes. These days both political parties support all this government intervention. Republicans have a poor record of countering the big government agenda. Their refusal to defund certain government programs is clear evidence that they, like the Democrats, favor more government.

President Trump is not a politician. He is genuinely seeking to return government to original intent of the founders. He will succeed only if Republicans support his plans.

Chuck Wade
Butler, GA