Let there be light: That force of nature called Trump ushers in the dawn of a new era

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Tim Hannigan, Fairfax Free Citizen

The rustling winds of change have begun to stir as embryonic rays of political light seep across the fruited plain.

As reliably as the rotating earth delivers the cyclical solar day, the ever changing socio-economic dynamics of the American electorate have sparked the dawn of a new political era.

President Donald Trump hosted visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida this weekend.

The expanding light reveals the insufferable conditions that have blossomed and metastasized from a century of “progressive” intellectual leanings and the specific overreaching leftist policies imposed upon Americans by Barack Obama’s administration over the past eight years:

  • A nearly $20 trillion national debt that future American generations will have to pay off.
  • Confiscatory tax rates that choke off entrepreneurial initiative and economic growth and drive businesses overseas.
  • Stagnating incomes for hard-working middle class Americans, aggravated by government-provoked increases in healthcare costs.
  • Burgeoning numbers of Americans addicted to initiative squelching government welfare programs.
  • Staggeringly high percentages of broken families and out-of-wedlock births that too often breed futures of grinding poverty and criminal behavior.
  • A thriving illegal alien underground that nurtures the drug culture scourge and siphons wealth out of the country.
  • Increasing political separatism and rejection of “melting pot” unification resulting from widespread political pandering to racial, ethnic, gender, and other identity groups.
  • Suffocating unconstitutional government intrusions into citizens’ lives—the upshot of executive overreach, legislative timidity, and judicial activism.
  • A deteriorating military capability further weakened by misguided, mission distracting social experimentation.
  • Declining influence in international affairs characterized by escalating enemy provocations and waning of friendly support.
  • Thus be the darkness enshrouded legacy of Barack Obama and his progressive forefathers.

The emerging light of new President Donald Trump’s administration appears to validate Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion that for every action force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force.

Former President Obama and his merry band of progressives forced the American polity down one direction, and now the early light shows the Trump Administration applying the balancing counterforce required to right the ship of state.

Early signs on multiple fronts show great promise of returning the republic to the stable equilibrium envisioned by our founding fathers between individual freedom and necessary government, between national and international interests, and among government branches at federal, state, and local levels.

Consider these visible rays as dawn breaks:

  • Cabinet secretary nominations whose stated and experiential respect for limited Constitutional government contrasts sharply with the Obama Administration’s usurpation of executive power.
  • Nomination of an “originalist” judge to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by deceased Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.
  • Economy stimulating initiatives to roll back of business restricting regulations, reduce and simplify income taxes, and reform healthcare.
  • Border control plans and immigrant vetting policies that will strengthen homeland security (and that will inevitably prevail notwithstanding the wrongheaded judicial roadblocks erected by the ever-errant 9th Circuit Court).
  • International relations based on “America First” trade policies and “Peace Through Strength” deterrence and engagement principles.

. . . And much more to follow as the Trump light breaks over the horizon. How long and bright that light will glow remains to be seen.

As always, enduring luminosity requires the vigilance of the American people.

Friends and foes, take heed: the boldness, strength, executive skill, and inertia defying fight prominently displayed by the force of nature called Trump portends not only the dawn of a new political day but the dawn of a new political era.