Leaked video: D.C. metro police appeared as instigators at J6 protest

by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2023

A leaked video in a case involving Jan. 6 defendants raises the question of why Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers, who were identified as intelligence officers, seemed to be working to stir up the crowd of protesters rather than working to prevent an assault on the Capitol, a Republican lawmaker said.

Screen grab from leaked video

At one point in the video, an unidentified MPD officer equipped with a GoPro camera said to another that he thought the idea was to get protesters inside the Capitol Building and trap them inside.

“The observation by the undercover officer leads one to conclude that there was intelligence about a plan to attack the Capitol, and the apparent response by the police was to let them do it and take pictures,” PJ Media’s Victoria Taft noted in a June 9 report.

When another officer on the video saw people climbing the scaffolding of the Capitol building, he is heard on the video telling the officer with the GoPro: “That’s dangerous. Somebody’s going to get shot.” A third officer says: “They’re not going to shoot anybody.”

As the group of officers worked their way through the crowd and to the scaffolding, they joined in with the protesters’ chants” “Whose house? Our house!”

Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia told the “Just the News, No Noise TV” show: “We know that it is one of their officers and at one point he is encouraging, and it appears he’s encouraging. He’s definitely helping people climb the scaffolding, and he’s telling them ‘come on, go, go, go.’ ”

Loudermilk continued: “Why is an officer encouraging people to climb the scaffolding and go into the Capitol? Why did the MPD decide to put undercover officers in the crowd? Was there intelligence that they had that was or was not passed on to the Capitol Police, and what did the Capitol police do with that evidence, if they got it?”

Just the News reported that a recent January 6 court case involving William and Michael Pope revealed the existence of the video. A defendant wanted a copy of the video, and federal prosecutors were concerned about it being out of their control, according to a court document:

The specific footage, GoPro video recorded by an MPD Police Officer who was stationed at the Capitol in an evidence-gathering capacity, captures the officer shouting words to the effect of “Go! Go! Go!” (MPD-005-000035 at time stamp 2:37), “Go! Go! Go!” (MPD-005-000035 at time stamp 7:23), and “Keeping going! Keep going!” (MPD-005-000035 at time stamp 8:16) apparently to the individuals in front of him on the balustrade of the U.S. Capitol’s northwest staircase around 2:15 p.m. At other times in these videos, the officer and the two other plain clothes officers with him appear to join the crowd around them in various chants, to include “drain the swamp,” “U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”, and “whose house? Our house!”

The leaked video also shows a protester warning police that Antifa provocateurs were among the crowd.

“Though Antifa types were seen in the crowd and on video following the January 6 riot, media, cops, and eventually the embarrassing January 6 Committee tried to tamp down any talk about the Leftist mob playing any kind of role. Truth is, if Antifa hadn’t been there, it might have been a first, considering that a violent left-wing mob and their allies in BLM closed roads, rioted, and set the historical ‘President’s Church’ on fire only months before in D.C.,” Taft noted.

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