LA charter school quarantines unvaxxed students, bars them from using restrooms

by WorldTribune Staff, January 19, 2022

Several unvaccinated students at a Los Angeles charter said they were forced to confinement in a taped-off area where they were denied chairs and were not allowed to use the school’s restrooms.

The students were monitored by security officers.

A Los Angeles charter school segregated unvaccinated students.

One student described the situation: “I’m a student at New West Charter School and I’m here with five other girls. Four of them are freshmen, one is a junior and I’m a sophomore. And we are being threatened to be suspended because we don’t have the COVID-19 vaccine. And we’re being refused of the right to attend school… And we’re being closed off by this caution tape thing. We’re being segregated from the rest of the school.”

New West Charter School confirmed Tuesday that management had implemented a vaccine and negative-test mandate for students and that a group of unvaccinated students had staged “a sit-in” on campus and refused to leave the school.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, New West Charter School said it implemented a vaccine mandate for students following the conclusion of winter break and had achieved 96 percent compliance, but “six students who did not follow the new policy still attempted to participate in classes.”

The school said that it then asked the students and their parents to “leave campus” and the students refused.

“The students proceeded to stage a sit-in directly behind designated areas for student PCR screenings on campus,” the school said. “New West Charter School administration notified local authorities who came to campus and helped alleviate the disruption.”

The school said students who were not vaccinated could enroll in their virtual classes.

“Parents who chose not to vaccinate their children knew what options they had available other than returning to campus,” the school said. “While we respect the right of parents to make their own choices for their children, our obligation is to our entire school community. When we have committed to implement a policy to assure parents that our campus is safe for their students, we will stand by that commitment.”

Los Angeles Unified School District, the city’s public school system, had announced a vaccine mandate for students, but mass noncompliance forced the district to suspend the mandate until the 2022-2023 school year.

A California parent group, Let Them Breathe, which posted videos of the New West Charter School students on social media, said a lawsuit has been filed against the school.

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