Kash Patel, Part IV: President Trump ‘never lost his cool’ in national security matters

by WorldTribune Staff, November 19, 2021

Trump insider Kash Patel, who led Rep. Devin Nunes’s House Intelligence Committee investigative team, drew on his first-hand knowledge of Russiagate and national security affairs at the Trump White House in an interview with the Washington Exposé podcast.

President Donald Trump’s national security successes “speak for themselves,” said Kash Patel who served as deputy assistant to the President for Counterterrorism.

The Washington Exposé hosts, noting that “the media hates Trump and always positions him as a buffoon,” asked Patel how Trump performed as a leader in “those moments” such as the national security meetings and forming of policy Patel was involved in.

Kash Patel with President Donald Trump

“The best,” Patel said. “We literally didn’t agree on lots of stuff. He wanted the intelligence, the credible, verifiable facts before he made a decision on matters of national security which is what you want in a leader.”

Trump “wanted discussions. He had other people in the room. He took different opinions. He never lost his on cool this stuff. And, look, the reality is … we ended three to four of the forever wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. We almost got out of Afghanistan successfully, but the Biden administration blew that plan up that we had in place.”

Additionally, Patel said, under Trump “we secured our southern border. Trump brought home 54 American hostages from around the world, more than any other president.”

Patel continued: “We killed Al Qaida senior leadership. We wiped out the emirs of ISIS, we killed Baghdadi, we killed Qasem Soleimani. These are just a few examples how, when President Trump said ‘go’, I ran on this, this is the mission, and I played a small part in it.”

As far as Big Media’s hatred for Trump, Patel provided an example:

“The day after we killed (ISIS founder) Baghdadi, I was in the Situation Room with the president and he said ‘Kash, we’ve got to tell the world how we did this.’ And I said, ‘well, I think you’re the right man for the job.’ I think the (New York) Times and (Washington) Post issued a story that said Baghdadi, the number one terrorist in the world, was a ‘cleric’ to be ‘glorified,’ or some nonsense like that. I was, like, what, this guy beheaded American journalists … killed American service members … killed innocent civilians the world over and you’re honoring this guy because Trump killed him. To me, that’s it. We need to tell that story over and over again.”

Ultimately, President Trump “lived up to his promises,” Patel said. “He said that he was going to get Baghdadi, and he got him.”

Patel told Washington Exposé that he would “definitely” take the offer “if called upon to serve again under the right leadership.”

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