Kari Lake: Officials ‘sabotaged election,’ 250,000 voting attempts failed

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News January 26, 2023

System log files from the 2022 midterm elections in Arizona, obtained in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, show that some 250,000 voting attempts were rejected by tabulator machines, Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake said.

Katie Hobbs, left, and Kari Lake

We The People AZ Alliance co-founder Shelby Busch told Steve Bannon’s War Room on Wednesday: “Tabulators are not to exceed an error rate of .002, or 1 in 500 ballots. On Election Day, Maricopa County used 476 tabulators. Not one of them met EAC standard. As a matter of fact, they averaged 235 times the EAC standard. Rejecting over 1/4 of a million ballots.”

The error is over 14 times the margin of victory in Lake’s race against Katie Hobbs, who was declared the winner by about 17,000 votes.

Bannon asked Busch to “give us one or two examples that you think are the most egregious.”

Busch responded: “We processed a dead voter ballot envelope. The man died several days before the election, and on the ballot signature component where they’re supposed to sign their name, somebody wrote on there, ‘voter is deceased as of October 1,’ signed his name, and that passed right through without any form of challenge whatsoever. Over 1,800 blank ballots with no signature at all, which is a secondary statute violation. In the state of Arizona, there’s no curing a blank envelope without a signature. That vote shouldn’t count. We found 1,800 out of 300,000 analyzed that had no signature whatsoever. No phone number, no date. We have seen voter registration files with the wrong signatures on them. It’s a disaster.”

The Arizona Appeals Court has set Feb. 1 for a conference in Lake’s effort to appeal Judge Peter Thompson’s ruling which dismissed her 2022 election lawsuit.

Busch also said that, base on her team’s review of roughly 25% of 1.9 million envelopes, there were “a total of 290,644 failed signatures in the 2022 Election.”

Data analyst Walter C. Daugherity said he used statistical projections from the 2020 Election findings to determine with 99.999% confidence that over 127,000 signatures were egregiously different than the signature on file, and over 163,000 signatures failed the Arizona Secretary of State’s standards for signature verification in 2022.

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