Kamala Harris pushes Democrat registration drive to stop GOP from ‘taking our power’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 9, 2021

Democrats do not hold back when it comes to their unquenchable thirst for what matters most to them.

Kamala Harris appeared to be guzzling from the beer keg of power in a speech on Thursday at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Kamala Harris: “We will not let anyone take away our power.’

Harris announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is more than doubling its spending to $45 million on voter registration and education to combat new Republican-backed state election laws.

The DNC, Harris said, is adding $25 million to its previous pool of $20 million to “protect” voting.

“With this $25 million, the Democrats are investing in the tools and technology to register voters, to educate voters, to turn out voters, to protect voting,” Harris said. “We will not let anyone take away our power.

Democrats made that perfectly clear by attempting to ram through the so-called “For the People Act,” also known as H.R.1 or S.1.

“In my view, S.R. 1 is the biggest power grab in the history of the country,” South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham said as Democrats pushed the legislation earlier this year.

“It mandates ballot harvesting, no voter ID. It does away with the states being able to redistrict when you have population shifts. It’s just a bad idea, and it’s a problem that most Republicans are not going to sign — they’re trying to fix a problem most Republicans have a different view of.”

Republicans, and the few Democrats who have not sold their souls to the DNC power machine, shot down the For the People Act last month.

With the Democrats’ attempt to federalize elections crashing and burning, the DNC is launching its next effort, this one targeting “the Republican Party” and the “unprecedented efforts to keep people from voting.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said: “Republicans know that their policies are unpopular — and that the only way for them to hold on to power is to attack the constitutional right to vote, held by the people they swore to serve. Today we are delivering innovative and historic resources to protect this fundamental part of our democracy.”

Democrats attempted to ban the use of voter ID via the For the People Act. But polling has shown unequivocally that requiring voter ID is overwhelmingly popular.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) on Thursday released new polling which showed more than 80 percent of all voters believe verifying voter ID is an important security measure. And 87 percent of respondents were against so-called ballot harvesting, in which a third party collects multiple ballots from voters.

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