Justin Trudeau: ‘You can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2022

Firearms can only be used for hunting and sport, not self-defense, according to leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Citizens would presumably delegate that task to their armed and paid security details.

Trudeau told the Pod Save America Podcast — which is hosted by former Obama staffers: “We have a culture where the difference is: Guns can be used for hunting or for sport shooting in Canada – and there are lots of gun owners, and they’re mostly law-respecting and law-abiding – but you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. That’s not a right that you have in the Constitution or anywhere else.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau / Video Image

“If you try and buy a gun and say it’s for self protection, no, you don’t get that,” Trudeau continued. “You can say it’s for hunting, you can get it for sport shooting, you can take it to the range. No problem. As long as you go through our rigorous background checks. But there’s a difference around the culture and one of the things we are seeing with the debate in the States is you get more and more of the American-style right-to-carry, self-defense arguments filtering up through the usual more right-wing communications channel.”

So, critics say, the armed security detail of Canadian politicians, celebrities and other elitists can shoot anyone posing a threat to them, but the average Canadian citizen must resign themselves to being killed or injured by someone threatening them.

Trudeau and leftist elites in Canada and the U.S. who believe citizens should only use guns for hunting ignore real reports on how legally armed Americans effectively use firearms to stop armed intruders from harming and possibly killing them and their families.

Reports such as the Florida woman, who is eight months pregnant, using a legally-owned AR-15 to shoot and kill an armed intruder who had broken into her home and was beating her husband and threatening her pre-teen daughter. Some observers pointed out that, if the woman did not have that means of defense, and Trudeau and his leftist allies believe they shouldn’t, police would likely have found four dead family members (including the unborn child) instead of one dead thug in a ditch outside.

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But that’s just fine with leftist elites like Trudeau, critics say. They have their armed bodyguards when out an about and the comfort of living in safe, heavily guarded (by lots of guns) and policed neighborhoods. Knowing that criminals will still get guns, they still don’t want the rest of us to have them for self-defense. So, for many, particularly in high crime areas, it comes down to either standing up for gun rights and voting in politicians who will do just that, or learning how to outrun or dodge a bullet.

Several people on social media also noted that Trudeau doesn’t seem to be aware of Canadian law for owning a firearm.

Canadian Firearms Act section 28:

28 A chief firearms officer may approve the transfer to an individual of a restricted firearm or a handgun referred to in subsection 12(6) (pre-February 14, 1995 handguns) or the importation by an individual of a restricted firearm under paragraph 40(1)(c) only if the chief firearms officer is satisfied

(a) that the individual needs the restricted firearm or handgun

(i) to protect the life of that individual or of other individuals, or

(ii) for use in connection with his or her lawful profession or occupation; or

(b) that the purpose for which the individual wishes to acquire the restricted firearm or handgun is

(i) for use in target practice, or a target shooting competition, under conditions specified in an authorization to transport or under the auspices of a shooting club or shooting range that is approved under section 29, or

(ii) to form part of a gun collection of the individual, in the case of an individual who satisfies the criteria described in section 30.

Trudeau recently called for a “national freeze” on the sale of handguns in the nation.

Under Trudeau’s proposal, a “national freeze” would be placed on the purchase, sale, importation and transfer of handguns in Canada. The government has also announced plans to buy back thousands of outstanding long guns, the sale of which has already largely been banned.

In addition, the bill would increase penalties for gun smuggling, remove gun licenses from those involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment, and a “red flag” law which would require people deemed a threat to themselves or others to turn in their firearms to law enforcement.

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