Joe Biden’s open border: 590,000 ‘gotaways’ in past year

by WorldTribune Staff, September 7, 2023

On a daily basis, thousands of illegal aliens successfully cross the border and enter the United States. Joe Biden’s border authorities have no idea who they are or where they go.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott launched a ‘gotaways’ task force to help deal with what he calls the Biden administration’s ‘open border policies.’

They are the “gotaways,” and more than 590,000 of them have crossed Biden’s open border in the past year.

That estimate is by U.S. Border Patrol and is seen as “extremely conservative,” Breitbart News reported on Sept. 1.

A large number of gotaways “are detected by Border Patrol agents being out in the field to make these observations. Some others are observed crossing by camera operators or other detection equipment but no agents are available to make the apprehension. Still others are part of larger groups where only a certain number of the group were apprehended,” the report said.

In August alone, the El Paso Sector had approximately 8,000 gotaways. The Tucson Sector had 4,500, and the San Diego sector 3,500.

In a Sept. 1 social media post, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol reported for the previous week that the sector recorded 12,000 apprehensions, 399 rescues, 24 human smuggling events, 11 pounds of fentanyl and 9 pounds of cocaine seized.

Border Patrol is holding approximately 20,000 migrants per day in detention and processing centers.

“This requires extra manpower to feed, care for, and transport these migrants. Also, large migrant group crossings tend to tie up all available resources in order to get the migrants out of the potentially deadly heat along the southwest border in the summer months,” the report added.

Team Biden’s inaction at the border spurred Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to send troops from the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to the border. He has also launched a “gotaway” task force.

The elite operation of state troopers included K9s and drone operators to detect, track down, and apprehend illegals who made it past Border Patrol agents, Abbott’s office said.

“We are sending a message that we do have extra manpower working with Border Patrol,” Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Olivarez told NewsNation. “We’ve been able to make apprehensions, where otherwise there would be no manpower there and these would have been gotaways.”

In a show of support, Abbott also said he’d reached an agreement with the state of Idaho under which they will supply members of their State Police to help at the border, tweeting they will help “fill dangerous gaps created by Biden’s open border policies.”

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