‘Jim Crow Joe’: Levin exposes unreported truth about Biden

by WorldTribune Staff, April 14, 2021

Joe Biden continues to get a pass from the corporate media despite his close relationships with segregationists, his racist rhetoric, his cheating in law school, and plagiarism during his presidential campaign, BlazeTV host Mark Levin said.

Joe Biden holds the hand of his ‘mentor,’ KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd.

Biden is “a man with a massive ego and a very low IQ … but he found that in politics that could work. And this has carried him through most of his life,” Levin said on the latest episode of “LevinTV.”

In 2010, Biden delivered a eulogy at the funeral of West Virginia Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, praising the former Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops as a “friend,” “mentor,” and “guide.” Byrd once recruited and led a 150-member chapter of the KKK.

Biden previously referred to segregationist Strom Thurmond as “one of my closest friends” and thanked him on the Senate floor for helping Biden pass laws which led to the mass incarceration of black Americans for crack cocaine offenses.

On the BlazeTV broadcast, Levin exposes a laundry list of “Jim Crow Joe’s lies, scams, cover-ups, and hypocrisy — not to mention his many blatantly racist statements and actions throughout his lifelong career in politics.”

Along with an exposé about voter ID from Ami Horowitz, Levin reveals “the disgusting lies and rhetoric spread by the Democratic Party and their contempt for people of color.”

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