Jewish scholar calls for public retrial to exonerate Jesus, ‘Israel’s native son’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 8, 2017

A Jewish Orthodox scholar is proposing a public retrial for Jesus to “fix the initial rigged trial that took place 2,000 years ago.”

Ariel Cohen Alloro is calling for a “traditional Pidyon haBen” ceremony – the “Redeeming of the Firstborn Son” – to welcome Jesus, known to the Jews as Yeshua, “back to his Jewish family and remove all the old taboos and restrictions related to his name from the Jewish Orthodox standpoint,” according to a Feb. 7 report by WorldNetDaily.

Ariel Cohen Alloro. / YouTube

The first trial ended with Jesus’ condemnation by the high priests for blasphemy and his crucifixion by the Romans. Jewish authorities have been labeled as “Christ-killers” ever since.

In an interview on Jerusalem Channel TV, Alloro called for a public retrial on behalf of Yeshua in the presence of 10 most important rabbis in Israel, “meant to fix the initial rigged trial that took place 2,000 years ago and to clarify in front of the whole world all the aspects and issues related to this delicate subject.”

Show host Christine Darg described Alloro as a well-respected Israeli Bible scholar who has studied the Hebrew Scriptures for more than three decades.

Darg said that one of the conditions to Jesus’ return is that the “Jewish people must summon him and welcome him back,” adding that just as, in the Old Testament, Joseph was sold by his family, “so Jesus was sold by his kinsmen.”

Alloro suggested that the first step is to “follow Old Testament instructions for the redemption of the first-born.”

He then said a retrial would exonerate Jesus of the allegations leveled by the high priests at the time.

“Israel’s native son never should have been sold down the river, so to speak,” he explained.

Alloro’s argument is that the retrial of Jesus is necessary because the original trial before the high priest in the middle of the night was illegal.

Alloro said the Jewish Rabbinical Institution hasn’t responded yet to his request for a retrial of Jesus.

“Currently it is in an advanced process of negotiations through one of the great rabbinical authorities now[a]days,” he said.