Ivermectin user Rogan says he’s feeling ‘a little hoarse’ but almost ‘back in the saddle’


Podcaster Joe Rogan has announced that he’s feeling better but is still going around with a long face and is feeling a little hoarse after recovering from his illness with a concoction of drugs prescribed by his doctor.

“I’m just about ready to get back in the saddle, though. We’re gonna hit things hard when I come back, at a full gallop. The mane thing is we’re gonna ride this thing out and trot out our new stable of guests real soon here. . . .”

“We’re on the home stretch and we whipped this thing pretty good.”

Rogan added that he was going to have to “pony up” a little extra to pay for his treatment this month, but it shouldn’t be a problem as Spotify bet a lot of bucks on him as their winning horse.