It’s all about ‘the control of money’: The lockdown globalist cartel is no longer a conspiracy theory

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2022

What is happening in Canada under the regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has quickly dampened the optimism sparked by the repeal of Covid mandates.

Trudeau, with compliant Big Media and Big Tech firms as accessories, has unleashed economic warfare on the truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy and those who support them.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland

“What we are seeing right now in Ottawa reveals the hegemonic depth of the system that gave us lockdowns, then mandates: it is now capable of freezing your accounts and essentially starving you and your family,” Jeffrey A. Tucker noted in a Feb. 19 op-ed for The Epoch Times.

“This was a wild conspiracy theory last year. Now it is very obvious that this is where many governments want to go. We’ve seen examples just in the past week.”

Canadian Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland declared that anyone using crowdfunding platforms to raise money for the truckers were engaging in illicit activity and declared that anyone who has given large figures through these platforms “should be worried” about having their bank accounts frozen.

“So there we have it on record: the Canadian government has declared that it can freeze anyone’s bank account and seize the contents based on their political views or charitable actions,” Tucker noted. “In the midst of all of this, Trudeau declared emergency powers that allow the government to do this to all for non-compliers, and do so without any court order.”

Supporters raised more than $9 million for the truckers on the crowd-funding platform GoFundMe, which quickly caved to pressure from the Trudeau regime and its media lackeys and said it would not distribute the money pending the release of a clear plan on what the truckers were going to do with it.

“Many of us immediately smelled a rat. Sure enough, a few days later, GoFundMe announced that it would not give the money to the truckers but rather to other charities of its choosing,” Tucker noted. “In other words, it would steal the money. That outraged many people, among them Elon Musk, and the Internet blew up in fury. At that point, GoFundMe returned all the money back to the donors.”

Freedom Convoy supporters then went to the more independent GiveSendGo platform and raised even more money.

GiveSendGo “was hit with denial-of-service attacks from malicious actors and then hacked,” Tucker wrote. “The thing went down hard and had to be rebuilt. The data on donors was leaked to the government and then to the Canadian Broadcast Company who contacted donors under the guise of ‘doing a story’ on the funding. It was a clear attempt at intimidation.”

The tyrants in Ottawa then set their sights on crypto.

The platform TallyCoin raised $1M for the truckers.

“Almost immediately, the ​​Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada’s FBI) sent letters to many crypto exchanges demanding that any assets flowing through their systems that are known to be intended as donations to the truckers must be reported immediately,” Tucker wrote. “Yes, all these actions are clearly political, totalitarian, and relying fundamentally on the control of money and finance to shore up regime power and crush political opposition.”

Now that financial intermediaries can be “forced to do the state’s bidding,” Tucker added, “rebellions can be put down with texts, emails, and a few clicks on an interface. Your assets are frozen, then stolen, and you are left without a job or any financial means at all. Jails aren’t even necessary.”

Tucker continued: “As an aside, the one word hardly spoken during this incredible drama is Covid. It was never really about a virus. The world is moving past the virus, and left only with the massive and terrifying state machinery that emerged under the guise of public health, a principle which has oddly mutated into another priority: political health.

“Many of the world’s wisest minds have observed that the main means by which powerful states seize and retain control is through the realm of money. Guns help. Prestige helps. But in the end, it’s the control of money that keeps the people in servitude.”

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