‘It will be close,’ but Trump will win North Carolina, Meadows says

by WorldTribune Staff, July 21, 2016

The race will be tight in the key 2016 presidential battleground state of North Carolina, but Donald Trump will emerge the winner, GOP Rep. Mark Meadows said.

Rep. Mark Meadows. /AP
Rep. Mark Meadows. /AP

“I do think they will want to make America great again,” Meadows said of North Carolina voters in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation at the Republican National Convention.

“It will be very close. I think that because we are a purple state having gone for President Obama one time and in 2012 we went the other way. I think people are really ready for someone who is not part of the establishment and so with that it will bode well for Donald Trump and his team – and I think he wins by three or four points.”

A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling has Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton neck-and-neck in the state, with both candidates at 43 percent in the July 15 survey.

Meadows is one of group of conservatives who last year launched the House Freedom Caucus, which has been a hotbed for challenging the GOP’s establishment leaders.

Meanwhile, Meadows said he expects North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, currently in a contentious race against Democrat Deborah Ross, to easily win re-election.

“Sen. Richard Burr is running a great race, I think he wins by a larger margin – partly because he’s the hometown guy and he’s running a good campaign,” Meadows said. “So, I think it will pretty much be a Republican sweep in November.”

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