ISIL recaptures major Syrian gas field

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Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) on May 5 recaptured a major gas field near Palmyra, the terror group’s first territorial expansion in Syria since losing the ancient city in March.

Main building at Shaer gas field. /Al-Amaq News
Main building at Shaer gas field. /Al-Amaq News

Rebel sources and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed to Reuters that ISIL jihadists captured the Shaer gas field from Assad regime forces, killing at least 30 Syrian troops and seizing a large stockpile of weapons, including tanks and missiles.

The Syrian Observatory said ISIL jihadists took the gas field after three days of fighting and despite regime air support targeting them.

Reuters reported that the Shaer gas field and nearby gas facilities in Homs province had been won and lost several times by ISIL forces before the terror group permanently lost control in late 2014. Since then the jihadists have continued attacking Syrian regime forces in the area.