Kuhner: Is Joe Biden really ready for prime time?

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

It’s official: former Vice President Joe Biden has (finally!) entered the 2020 presidential race. More importantly, a new poll shows Biden with a commanding lead over every other candidate in the Democratic primary with the exception of Bernie Sanders.

Creepy Uncle Joe is now the presumptive front-runner.

President Barack Obama presents Vice President Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Jan. 12, 2017. / Chuck Kennedy / White House Photo

According to the Morning Consult/Politico poll, Biden not only leads the Democratic race. He is ahead of President Trump by a surprising 8-percentage points, 42 to 34 percent. The poll also seems to spell serious trouble for Trump and his supporters. Biden allegedly beats Trump with women voters (by 17 percent), millennials (a whopping 22 percent) and independents (10 percent).

If — and I stress if — the poll is anywhere near accurate, then Trump is increasingly looking like a one-term president.

There is, however, one problem: The poll is irrelevant. First, I don’t believe it. It reminds me of the same polls that consistently showed Hillary Clinton beating Trump in 2016, only to find out on election night they were all wrong. Just like with Hillary, the Democratic establishment is trying to make Biden appear invincible — his victory against far-left socialist Bernie a foregone conclusion and triumph over Trump inevitable. And just like with Hillary, it will fail.

Second, and more importantly, even if the poll is accurate Biden has no chance of winning the Democratic primary (never mind defeating Trump). Once the campaign begins, his progressive rivals will tear him apart. He has many strikes against him. Biden is an old white male in a party obsessed with identity politics — women, minorities and young voters. The Democratic base hungers for a fresh face; he has been in politics for nearly 50 years. He is the embodiment of the venal, corrupt Washington swamp.

Moreover, this old-style liberal Democrat is out of step with the radical, almost fanatical leftism overtaking the party. Biden voted for the Iraq war; he backed mass incarceration during the 1990s; opposed the desegregation of schools in the 1970s; and presided over the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. No wonder Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t stand him. All Bernie needs to do (or Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris — name your Moonbat) is expose Biden’s record and his goose is cooked.

There is another major reason why Biden can’t win: He’s a pervert. There is endless video footage of Creepy Uncle Joe inappropriately touching, groping and feeling up women or sniffing their hair at public events. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, feminists and millennials will balk at this dirty old man being the Democrats’ standard bearer.

Yet, the more explosive video, which so far has not been played by the media, is even more damning. This is of Biden on countless occasions groping and repeatedly feeling up kids — boys and girls — at public functions, especially swearing-in ceremonies. He has gotten away with his lecherous behavior for decades because of his power and influence. CNN and MSNBC will not run the footage. But Trump and his campaign will have no such qualms if Biden survives to become the Democratic nominee. Americans—for all our faults — still do not approve of twisted child predators. In short, a Biden presidential run is a political fantasy; that many Democrats and their media allies believe he will win in 2020 shows how dangerously detached from reality they’ve become.

Biden belongs to a bygone era. He and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are the last crumbling pillars of a Democratic establishment being overrun by radical progressive barbarians. It is no longer their party — or even that of Barack Obama. Rather, it is the party of Bernie, Warren and AOC — the hard socialist left which seeks to emulate Venezuela and Cuba.

The Democrats have now embraced lunatic leftist policies that will pave America’s way to Hell: outlawing cows and meat consumption; banning cars and airplane travel; retrofitting every building to combat “climate change”; Medicare-for-all; reparations for slavery; universal pre-K and child care; a guaranteed federal job for anyone; a basic income (welfare) for everyone including the “able-bodied”; crushing taxes on the middle- and working-class; free public college; forgiving student loan debt; late-term abortion even for babies born alive; abolishing ICE; open borders; unlimited Third World illegal immigration; scrapping the Electoral College; lowering the voting age to 16; and increasingly voting rights for convicted felons in prison, including murderers, child molesters and terrorists.

This rising tide of left-wing extremism has no place — and no patience — for a Joe Biden. He is yesterday’s man peddling yesterday’s politics. If this new breed of Democrats win in 2020 they will turn the United States into a banana republic. This is why the choice is clear: It’s Trump or bust.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at WorldTribune.com and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 6-10 a.m. EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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