Iraqi lawmaker: ‘Whole of the ruling political class is involved in corruption’

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The Baghdad government is infested with corruption and lawmakers “are all in cahoots with them,” an Iraqi lawmaker said.

Mishaan al-Jubouri admitted in a television interview he received bribes to close corruption cases, adding that the “whole government is corrupt…including me.”

Mishaan al-Jubouri
Mishaan al-Jubouri

“The whole of the ruling political class is involved in corruption and we are all in cahoots with them one way or another. We in the Commission of Integrity open corruption files, then they give us a bribe, so we close the files.”

Jubouri added that if he were to “reveal everything on satellite television they would immediately kill me.”

“I received bribes to close a corruption file, but I didn’t close it. I took a few million dollars but didn’t close the case,” Jubouri told Aletejah TV, insisting he was fooling the “corrupt dog” and not actually taking a bribe.

The lawmaker added, “we politicians are the reason behind Iraq’s destruction, and the political class…are to blame for every hungry child in the country and every ill Iraqi who dies for the lack of medicine.”

The Iraqi parliament on Feb. 4 voted on “forming a committee to question MP Mishaan al-Jubouri over his comments in which he admitted to receiving bribes as well as other remarks in which he said there were (other) corrupt parliamentarians and government ministers.”

Iraqi lawmaker Mohammad al-Jaf told The New Arab that the committee will likely refer the case to the judiciary. “This is a criminal case and it is now public,” he said.

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