Iran’s new theme park for children provides uniforms, war games against U.S., Israel

by WorldTribune Staff, December 6, 2016

Roller coasters are for the offspring of the “Great Satan”. Iran’s Islamic Republic prefers its kids instead to be “revolutionaries” who, as early as 8-years-old, are aware of the nation’s enemies and how to fight them.

Iran has opened a theme park where children aged 8 to 13 put on military uniforms and simulate battle against its enemies, including Israel and the United States.

Iran's war theme park for kids. /MEMRI
Iran’s war theme park for kids. /MEMRI

The park, in the city of Mashad, is called “The City of Games for Revolutionary Children”.

Hamid Sadeghi, director of the cultural center that established the park, said its purpose is to teach children messages about “holy defense” and fighting Iran’s enemies, Israel’s Arutz Sheva reported on Dec. 6.

After registering at the park, which is free, children put on military uniforms and split up into squads of 8-10. They are accompanied by a “commander” whom they pledge to obey. They then run through 12 activity stations which include simulations of the Iran-Iraq war, a “Revolution chamber,” defending various holy shrines, and traversing a minefield with barbed wire.

While going through the activities, the children are told about the directives of Islamic Republic founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“At the final station,” said Sadeghi, “the children learn that the most important elements for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.”