Interview with Tucker Carlson revives issue of Obama’s unreported past

by WorldTribune Staff, September 1, 2023

Many have long suspected that Barack Obama was not just the U.S.’s first black president but was also the first gay president.

“The issue of Obama’s sexuality came hurling back into the news recently following the revelation that he wrote letters to an ex-girlfriend openly discussing his fantasies about being with men,” Revolver News noted on Thursday. “This has reignited both old and new rumors.”

In a new interview, Tucker Carlson suggests that rumors about Obama being gay are “clearly true.” The topic came up during Carlson’s appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show,” where he brought up Larry Sinclair, who was ridiculed by many in the media when he came forward saying that, in 1999, he had smoked crack and had sex with Obama.

Carlson told Carolla: “In 2008, it was pretty evident that Obama had relationships with men and had used crack. Larry Sinclair came forward, willing to sign an affidavit and take a lie detector test, claiming, ‘I smoked crack and had sexual relations with Barack Obama.’ It was obviously true.”

Major media’s reluctance to cover the story wasn’t due to any prudishness about sex or drug use, but because the Obama campaign threatened to revoke access for any outlet that reported on it, Carlson said. “So, no one touched the story.”

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