Intelligence expose embarrassed China, forced its hand on North Korean sanctions

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By Geostrategy-Direct

After U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter-bashed China’s furtive efforts to sell refined oil to North Korea on the high seas, China suddenly announced on Jan. 5 that it would immediately impose a wide-ranging embargo against North Korea to “implement UN Resolution 2397.”

China said it has halted exports of steel, iron, industrial and transportation equipment to North Korea. / Getty Images

A major factor in the turnaround was a recently-exposed Chinese Communist Party secret document that calls for deceptive operations to sustain the Pyongyang regime by providing military and economic aid.

President Trump recently tweeted that China was “Caught RED HANDED” for using disguised Chinese vessels to conduct ship-to-ship trade of refined oil to North Korean government.

Ship-to-ship trade with North Korea is specifically banned by the UN resolutions China has signed on to.

On Jan. 2, a top secret Chinese Communist Party document [see Jan. 2 edition of Geostrategy-Direct] revealed China’s deceptive plans to bypass UN sanctions and to buttress the Pyongyang regime for its indispensable role as a buffer zone against American imperial design against socialist China.

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