In just 3 weeks, Milei took sledgehammer to Argentina’s Deep State

by WorldTribune Staff, January 1, 2024

On Dec. 10, populist Javier Milei was inaugurated as president of Argentina.

Argentina President Javier Milei

Since then, Milei has:

• Eliminated 12 out of 21 cabinet posts.

• Fired 5,000 government employees.

• Ended 380,000 government regulations.

• Banned woke language in the military.

• Introduced a bill to affirm the right to self-defense.

• Introduced a bill to legalize homeschooling of kids.

• Introduced a proposal to punish all riot organizers.

• Legalized paying contracts in bitcoin.

• Privatized state-run companies.

• Opened up the Argentina oil industry.

Milei also closed off Argentina’s border with Bolivia. The move has devastated a Bolivian economy that was acting as a parasite living off Argentina.

The entire Bolivian economy, analysts have noted, was based on smuggling subsidized goods from Argentina.

“What makes this so amusing is that liberals like to use Bolivia as a perfect example of the progressive agenda working wonders and producing positive outcomes,” Revolver News noted. “Instead, it has just become a perfect example of how everything they do fails.”

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