‘In America, no one is above the law,’ claims Hillary Clinton

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 17, 2019

Curious minds want to know: When Hillary Clinton says “In America, no one is above the law”, does that include Democrats? Former presidents? And herself?

‘Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve and absolutely no shame.’ / C-SPAN

The twice failed Democratic presidential candidate took to Twitter to offer her support for a group of leftists — who call themselves Indivisible — who were holding events on Tuesday to pressure lawmakers to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Clinton urged her followers: “Join @IndivisibleTeam at events around the country this Tuesday to demand your representatives fulfill their constitutional oaths to hold the president accountable.”

“Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve and absolutely no shame,” The Gateway Pundit’s Aleister wrote. “Can you even imagine how the media would have treated McCain or Romney if they had displayed such bitter, sour grapes three years after losing?”

Hillary, whose husband was impeached in 1999, had previously said of Trump: “The president asked a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election for his own political gain. Americans deserve free and fair elections. He must be held accountable.”

Author and former chairman of the California Republican Party Tom Del Beccaro noted: “We should never forget how Hillary acted when her husband was under investigation. Hillary led what amounted to a task force to discredit the accusers of Bill Clinton, which included witness intimidation, a form of obstruction.”

During a commencement address to Hunter College earlier this year, Hillary said: “What do we do when people in positions of authority are not held accountable?”

Del Baccaro, writing for Fox News online, noted: Well, during the Obama administration, ‘we’ did the following:

1. “We” allowed Hillary to have a server that was hacked in her home that exposed classified information. She was not held accountable.

2. “We” allowed Hillary to bleach-bit her computer server, thereby destroying evidence under subpoena and obstructing justice. She was not held accountable.

3. “We” allowed Hillary not to turn over 17,448 messages including thousands of work messages – an obstruction of justice. She was not held accountable.

4. “We” allowed the Clinton Foundation to take in millions – some of which wound up in the accounts of Hillary and Bill while she was Secretary of State. She was not held accountable.

5. “We” allowed her to pay a law firm, to pay for the false dossier used to attack Trump – a clear campaign law violation (a candidate is required to disclose the true recipient of their expenditures not intermediaries). She was not held accountable.

“That list could go on and on but the result remains the same,” Del Beccaro added. “The person demanding accountability was not held accountable for a series of provable acts.”

So, is no American really above the law? There is a documentary titled “Hillary Uncensored! An American Above The Law” which disputes that notion.

There were several classic responses to Clinton’s tweet.

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