‘Imagine one gargantuan CHOP zone’: Is Antifa set to take over Portland, and Denver?

by WorldTribune Staff, October 16, 2020

The so-called autonomous zone of CHOP/CHAZ was praised by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan as ushering in a new “Summer of Love.”

Antifa rioters in Portland / Getty Images

The leftist media echoed Durkan’s optimism even as Antifa and other armed anarchists seized control of a swath of Seattle’s downtown that included a police station. It was dubbed by the Left a “peaceful protest.”

Then people started getting killed.

There were reportedly at least four shootings in the month-long history of the nation of CHOP/CHAZ, two of which left a 19-year-old and a 16-year-old dead in separate incidents.

Antifa’s presence is not only continuing with violent incidents on the streets but has reached the halls of government, a columnist noted.

“If there’s anything that ought to give everyone the creeps, it’s the idea of Antifa running whole cities,” Monica Showalter wrote for American Thinker on Oct. 15.

“It’s the idea of Antifa no longer being crushed like bugs for their rioting and looting, but instead simply taking over. Imagine a city run by Antifa. Imagine a gargantuan CHOP zone with no place to run. Imagine Antifa as the stodgy establishment, there to conserve the ways of Antifa.”

As incredible as that sounds, Showalter noted, “we see signs of that happening in Portland and Denver, not just turning those cities to rubble, but destined to eventually take over a hollowed out Democratic Party and go national.”

Showalter cited an article by The Blaze on a candidate for mayor of Portland.

When she is asked if she is “Antifa,” [Sarah] Iannarone replied, “Antifa is not anything more than an idea, that’s what vice president Biden explained to us. It’s people who oppose anti-fascism. And I strongly oppose anti-fascism and I adopt and implement peaceful responses to that. And that is how I describe my position on this issue.”

“Donald Trump has decided to make the enemy of groups of people who oppose his bullies and his militia forces,” she continued. “But I’m not going to be caught up in that rhetoric because it’s false. It creates division in our society. It creates division in our city. What we need is every single Portlander faced in the right direction, saying ‘Hate is not welcome here.’ “

“Notice the evasion. Notice the airy — and false — bid to claim that the organization does not exist,” Showalter wrote.

Some reports have said that it is know around Portland that Iannarone is an actual member of Antifa.

“It’s impossible to say so at this point but at a minimum, she’s an unusually strange sympathizer, mouthing their party line,,” Showalter noted. She is also leading in the polls.

In Denver, Showalter cited a report by Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe:

In the latest series of hidden camera recordings, Project Veritas revealed that a Colorado Democratic Party executive committee member is an Antifa militant hellbent on igniting a political revolution in America.

“2020 is a political revolution,” said Kristopher Jacks, Weld County chair of the Our Revolution, a radical leftist organization spun out of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign. A Bernie button topped the man’s sash of leftist pins. “I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment.”

Project Veritas further discovered that Jacks believes that a Biden administration would be used to advance his political objectives or else violence will ensue. “Joe Biden was presumably left-wing, and he’s got a functioning signing hand,” Jacks asserted, alluding to Biden’s disputed cognitive decline. “As long as there’s progressive legislation that comes across his desk, I am confident we can occupy his house.”

Showalter noted: “The first question to be asked is whether Antifa’s presence is so strong in these places that the law no longer exists. Is this why Antifa members can and have rioted for more than 100 days in Portland without any repercussions? The cops can round them up in the act all they like but the city officials will always be there to ensure the charges are dropped and Antifa walks free.

“We know this has happened in Portland, where dozens of the most egregious violent rioters, some 66 at last count. have been let out of jail scot-free. It’s almost as if Antifa runs these places. And if these officials really are Antifa as appears to be the case in both cities, you can bet there’s a whole nest of them burrowing away and becoming the establishment. It certainly explains why liberal fools such as current Mayor Ted Wheeler act afraid of them, and do nothing but kowtow to their will.”

Showalter concluded: “It seems that Antifa is everywhere. And wherever it does rule, cities go to hell. If that’s not a message to crack down hardest on them, what is?”

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