Karma? An epic four-day beatdown for the Democratic Party

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, February 6, 2020

Sunday to Wednesday was “filled with delightful metaphors” and a dose of karma that knocked the Democratic Party to the canvas, a columnist noted.

“After three years of deception, gaslighting, and public temper tantrums, these power-hungry partisans finally got their comeuppance,” Julie Kelly wrote for American Greatness.

“An assembly of agents provocateurs, motivated by an insatiable amount of contempt not just for the president but for Americans in general, who gambled on a farcical impeachment crusade rather than build a persuasive policy case to win over voters this year, are ranting and pouting and tearing up stuff because . . . well, because they are losing. If Nancy Pelosi could have thrown a pacifier from her Capitol high chair Tuesday night, she would have.”

Kelly noted that the epic beatdown began on Super Bowl Sunday, when President Donald Trump gave a lengthy interview before kickoff which touted his achievements and mocked his political foes.

Then, “a team from a pro-Trump red state faced a team from a Trump-hating blue state, which was favored to win. The San Francisco 49ers, based in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hometown, had a 10-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Yet the Kansas City Chiefs scored three touchdowns in the final seven minutes and won the game.”

Then came Monday, and the Iowa caucuses debacle.

“A party that insists it can run the country’s health care system botched a simple caucus routinely attended by a relatively tiny number of Americans,” Kelly noted. “The one time leading presidential candidate, a fixture in Democratic politics for two generations and the party’s best hope to defeat Trump in November, doddered around Des Moines and came in fourth place. An obnoxious empty suit millennial mayor declared victory before any results were available.”

Kelly continued: “One of the Democrats’ biggest media mouthpieces, Chuck Todd of NBC News, was caught moaning off-camera that the party’s caucus confusion was an ‘effing disaster.’ The party’s biggest fraud who promises she will end the country’s use of fossil fuels tried, unsuccessfully, to hide behind a campaign staffer after deplaning a private jet on a New Hampshire airport tarmac. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s primary rival, a Green New Deal architect and hater of modernity, did her one better: Senator Bernie Sanders waved to reporters in front of a carbon-emitting SUV that delivered him to the roaring engines of an even bigger carbon-emitting private jet.”

In the midst of the Iowa madness, a new Gallup survey showed Trump enjoying his highest job approval rating ever. The polls found the president has the support of 94 percent of Republicans and 42 percent of independents.

Next up was Trump’s triumphant State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Kelly noted that “Spoiled brats pretending to be serious lawmakers such as Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York Democrat) announced they would boycott the event. Pundits speculated that Trump would roast Democrats over their fruitless impeachment trial; Republicans advised against it.”

But the president “entered the chamber with an uncharacteristic air of modesty and solemnity,” Kelly wrote. “He delivered his speech on-script without his signature riffs and shade-throwing. Speaking mostly to the Republican side of the room, the president matter-of-factly ticked off an impressive list of accomplishments with little self-puffery. It was a solid performance.”

The same, Kelly wrote, “could not be said of the Democrats. Pelosi and her tribe of petulant pouters refused to cheer positive economic news, progress on the fight against terrorism, and promises to improve health care and prescription drug costs.”

As Trump introduced a number of Americans he had invited to the SOTU, “including a centenarian Tuskegee airman and his great-grandson, Pelosi’s caucus remained seated,” Kelly wrote. “When the brother of a man murdered by an illegal alien in Pelosi’s home state was introduced, Pelosi did not even look up from her papers. The Democrats snubbed a reunited military family; an African American grade-schooler; and a sobbing mom with her two-year-old daughter who survived a very premature birth.”

Kelly continued: “But the hissy fit crescendoed into a shocking spectacle as Pelosi, second-in-line to the presidency of the United States under the Constitution, stood and with dramatic flair tore her copy of the State of the Union in half. For all the lows of the past few years — her incoherence, her inability to control her know-nothing freshman ‘squad,’ her failure to come up with a realistic policy alternative to Trumpism, it was Pelosi’s lowest moment.

“She ripped up a speech that showcased the best of America; achievements that no other country in the world can boast. Heroes of every color and economic background — patriots who have sacrificed so much, even their lives, in battle — and young future leaders.”

Pelosi’s display, Kelly wrote, “gave away the result of the game. Just like her hometown football team, Pelosi has lost. She has been defeated by Donald Trump.”

The four-day Democrat disaster culminated on Wednesday with Trump’s acquittal in the Senate on two partisan impeachment articles cooked up by House Democrats.

“Trump now stands acquitted; the Democrats must confront the debacle that is their presidential primary field and run on a nonexistent record of achievement as the 2020 campaign season kicks off,” Kelly wrote. “Joe Biden, who confessed Wednesday morning that the Iowa outcome was a ‘punch’ in the gut, will be the only real casualty of the Democrats’ impeachment rampage. Their best hope to beat Trump won’t finish the race because Democrats highlighted his son’s illicit business dealings as part of their impeachment gambit.”

“Karma, indeed, is a bitch.”

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