How will society rehabilitate cultural leftist lunatics terrorized by ‘science deniers’?

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 15, 2021

Legions of urbanite leftists who have wound their minds into yarn balls of sheer hysteria may never be able to touch solid ground again, the evidence strongly suggests.

Jack Nicholson, center, in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. / Video Image

Such is the developing social situation that will have to be dealt with if and when the coronavirus vaccine mandate machinery that is now cracking at the joints fully unravels.

Talking points for the emerging hip progressive consensus goes something like this:

If you believe vaccines are wrong, you are a science denier and thus not qualified to be a [insert job here] – you should not be allowed to work and I am glad you are losing your job.

Here are just a smattering of examples. These all come from fairly prominent Twitter accounts:

It sounds snarky and edgy now. But this syphilitic obsession can only lead in two directions. Either the entire Earth and all its inhabits must submit to this thought process and those who cling to it. Or, and this is the far more likely scenario… we will see a steep and swift descent into total and complete madness by those held captive to this mantra.

Think of all the self-inflicted straitjackets these people will be applying to themselves in layer upon suffocating layer:

  • A restaurant may employ someone who doesn’t believe in genetically modified food: No! I don’t want you preparing my meal if you don’t believe in the science!
  • Anyone behind a wheel who doesn’t believe in climate change: You don’t believe in science, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car!
  • A clerk at the grocery store doesn’t believe in banning plastic straws: How dare you ring up my groceries, how can you work in the food retail business holding such barbaric beliefs?

Theoretically – we were gonna write “logically,” but that is a poor choice of words here – the effects are limitless. Will those who don’t believe in the new science that there are more than two genders be allowed to do – anything? – while stained with the ignominy of their backwards denialism? After all, we are told time and again, ad nauseam, that gender identity is all-encompassing.

These people are bound to turn themselves stark raving mad, if they haven’t done so already.

If ever the vaccine mandate bullies realize they are not going to get their way on pushing 330 million Americans to accede to their lunatic demands, some sort of climb down will be in order.

There will be no apology offered, we know that already. But what of themselves? If their medical power trip collapses, will the unstable adherents of the Cultural Left be able to undo the feverish psychological damage they have inflicted on their own pancake-battered brain matter?

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