Houston likely to be represented by literal communist in state legislature

by WorldTribune Staff, September 22, 2020

Residents of Houston’s north side area most likely will be represented by a literal communist in the Texas House of Representatives next year.

Penny Morales Shaw

Penny Morales Shaw is the Democrat Party’s candidate running in November for the District 148 seat in the Texas state legislature.

Morales Shaw is a member of the Houston Communist Party.

She is running against Republican candidate Luis LaRotta in an area where Democrat voters largely outnumber Republicans.

Morales Shaw won a runoff on July 14 over incumbent state Rep. Anna Eastmann.

In the March 3 Democrat primary, which featured five candidates, Eastmann had 41.6 percent of the vote and Morales Shaw 22.1 percent, but since Eastmann did not garner at least 50 percent of the vote she and Morales Shaw headed for the July 14 runoff. In the runoff, Morales Shaw got 4,335 votes compared to 4,135 for Eastmann.

“Just so we’re clear: this isn’t some candidate who moved here from California or New York. Shaw is a native of Houston and actively involved in local Leftist political causes,” Ken Webster Jr. reported for KPRC AM 950.

“As a friendly reminder Communists believe all property should be publicly owned and each person will be paid according to their abilities and needs,” Webster noted. “Communist countries generally operate under a one-party system. If you live on the north side of Houston and you don’t agree with those principles you’re likely to be very frustrated with your State Rep in 2021.”

The Houston Communist Party in 2018 had helped Morales Shaw run for the Harris County Commissioner’s Court, according to a report which noted that “Penny is running for a seat on the Harris County Commissioners Court Precinct 4. This precinct has over a million people in it and if elected she would help decide on the distribution to working-class constituents of a budget that’s well over a billion dollars a year.”

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