Home nuclear bunkers in demand as Japan prepares for the unthinkable

by WorldTribune Staff, June 27, 2017

Television stations throughout Japan are airing instructions for citizens in the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea.

North Korea missile test. / EPA

Earlier this year, Japan informed its citizens to expect just a ten-minute warning if the Kim Jong-Un regime launches a nuclear missile.

Reports also noted there has been a spike in demand for home nuclear bunkers in Japan since North Korea increased the frequency of its missile tests.

The TV broadcasts urge citizens to seek shelter underground or in a strong concrete building, lie on the ground, stay away from windows, protect their heads if they are indoors and to hide behind solid objects if an attack is imminent, the Daily Mail reported on June 26.

North Korea warned last month that Japan can expect to be “blanketed with radioactive clouds” if nuclear war breaks out.

In the event of an attack, instructions triggered by Japan’s satellite-based J-Alert public warning system will be sent out through speakers installed across the country, according to the 30-second clip being aired on 43 TV stations.

Instructions are also being issued in 70 newspapers, Kyodo reported. A national system of safety drills may also be instituted, reports say.

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