What the leftist mob wants to defund/abolish

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 21, 2020

This is what assorted leftists, anarchists, celebrities and media personalities want to defund and even abolish.

In May 2018, Georgia police officer Nick St. Onge saved the life of a 2-month-old infant who appeared to be choking. He had responded to a frantic 911 call from the baby’s grandmother, who reported that the baby was turning blue.

In San Diego, Officer Jonathan Wiese scaled down the side of a cliff to rescue twin 2-year-old sisters after the car their father was driving went off a bridge and wound up upside down in the ocean below.

Wiese was the first to arrive on scene after the girls’ mother called the San Diego Sheriff’s Department at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning to report her daughters’ father was suicidal and threatened to drive off the Coronado Bay Bridge, police told the Times of San Diego.

Using a 100-foot leash in his patrol car from SWAT missions, Wiese removed his gun belt, tied the tether around his waist, “and by then, four or five other cops had shown up, so I pretty much threw the end of the leash to them and then I said, ‘hang on,’ and I just jumped off.”

After being lowered 30 feet down the side of the cliff, Weise said reached the father and girls and successfully towed them to the rocks. One girl suffered minor injuries, while the other was hospitalized in critical condition. However, both are expected to make a full recovery, police said.

“I didn’t do the job to be liked every day, I didn’t do it to become rich. I did it because I want to be out there making a difference and helping people, as cliché as that might sound, but I was just glad I could be there,” Wiese told KGTV. “You just do what you have to do, but after everyone was safe, it hits you and you just want to go home and hug your kids, that’s for sure.”

On May 31, a California sheriff’s deputy who was monitoring a George Floyd protest saved an 11-month-boy who had stopped breathing after swallowing a coin.

Video of the rescue, which occurred during a demonstration at a park in Palmdale, about 60 miles north of Los Angeles, showed two women running with the limp child through a supermarket parking lot in search of help.

Deputy Cameron Kinsey, who was monitoring the protest, rushed to assist. Kinsey performed a “mouth sweep” to clear vomit from the child’s mouth and, after several blows to the boy’s back, he began breathing again. Paramedics arrived and took the child to a hospital.

On June 19, two police officers responding to a two-vehicle crash in Atlantic City, New Jersey pulled out a man who was trapped in a burning car.

Around 3:48 a.m., Atlantic City Police Officers Chris Massey and Michael Kedziora responded to a call about a two-car motor vehicle crash on Route 30, according to the Press of Atlantic City. The officers “arrived to find the front of one vehicle fully engulfed in flames and the driver, a 29-year-old city man, unconscious in the driver’s seat,” the article read.

The officers pulled the man out of the burning car.

Sunday, the department shared the footage on Twitter and followers expressed their appreciation for the officers’ bravery.

“These are the officers that represent our great police force and they deserve credit,” one person commented. “The few bad apples shouldn’t taint the good image of the most that are for the greatest good of our communities. Thanks to these officers for saving the gentleman’s life!”

In June of last year in Minneapolis, USA Today showed police body cam video of an officer rescuing a 3-year-old child and her grandmother from a burning house.

Socialist Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is calling for dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department because, she says, it is “rotten to the root.”

In Greenville, Georgia in October 2016, Officer Kenneth Knox saved a 2-month-old girl from choking.

Officer Kenneth Knox and his godchild Ma’Yavi Parham

The incident happened an hour after mother Kristen Parham fed her baby, Ma’Yavi. “We were sitting outside, in my car, and all of a sudden she started gasping for air and white stuff was coming out of her nose and mouth,” she told Fox 5.

Knox arrived as the baby was turning blue. The police officer proceeded to attempt reverse CPR to Ma’Yavi immediately after arriving on the scene. He was able to suck out a piece of cereal that was lodged in her throat, enabling the baby to breath.

In a Facebook post, Knox wrote: “Out of my 25 years being a cop, this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment and it made every second of those 25 years worth it all. I am forever humbled and changed by this.”

The baby’s parents then asked Knox to be the girl’s godfather, which he accepted.

“I know he is a great person and my baby will love him,” Parham told FOX 5. “Every time she sees him, she gives him a big smile.”

This is what woke left-wing celebrities, including actress Gabrielle Union and Comedy Central late-night host Trevor Noah, want to abolish. Union and Noah were among those who signed onto a statement from the Black Artists for Freedom — “a collective of black workers in the culture industries” — demanding the abolition of police and “the complete dismantling of the racist prison-industrial system” as a means to end America’s “racist culture.”

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